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Unmanned aerial vehicles fly 780 days in a row

"Unmanned aerial vehicles fly 780 days in a row, and the connotation of high technology is immeasurable. Whether an enterprise can succeed or not is closely related to its core competitiveness of science and technology. Especially now, the application ability of science and technology and the level of quality control are related to the survival and development of an enterprise. gmtlight has been committed to learning and applying more advanced things, but in the increasingly competitive today, the living space of small companies is becoming smaller and smaller. Is the future the world of giant enterprises? " Gmtlight,Mr Niu.

An X-37B drone from the U.S. air force suddenly landed at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida in the early hours of local time, setting a record of 780 consecutive days, the world daily reported.

X-37B data chart of space plane

It is reported that the aircraft carries air force experimental equipment, including small satellites. According to reports, the air force built the X-37B and successfully carried out experiments to urge Congress to approve the establishment of the space force.

David L goldfein, chief of staff of the air force, said in a statement that the safe return of the X-37B would not only break the previous 718 day orbital mission, but also represent that the sky is no longer the limit of the US air force. If Congress approves the establishment of the space force, "there is no limit for the space force."

At present, the air force has two reusable X-37B space planes, which can fly for many long-distance flights and return to earth orbit. It is said that its performance and flexibility can improve technology, allowing scientists and engineers to recycle long-term test equipment in the space environment.

The mission of the X-37B began in September 2017 with the implementation of the shenmi orbital test vehicle (OTV) program and a number of confidential studies. Officials gave few details of the mission, but the plan is believed to promote the creation of a space force.