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The Golden Autumn In Beijing

Autumn wind(all photos from Tsinghua University & Beijing University)

 glow stick

It brightens the sky

Wrinkled the clouds

It also makes every corner colorful and mottled.

In this poetic season

The campus is also decorated

Tsinghua University and Peking University

One after another, they are enjoying their "autumn colors"

Which one do you like best?

Tsinghua University

The bright colors of autumn in Tsinghua University are the main tone.

Golden autumn

In the story of Tsinghua garden

It makes people want to read it again.

Fiery autumn

In the picture frame of Tsinghua people

It is meaningful for people to approach and listen.

I can't hide the color

In every moment gradient

Witness the traces of time

Crabapple and persimmon on the branch

Pomegranate and Bauhinia

And lotus root hidden in lotus pond

Legitimate result

Peking University

The autumn sun of Peking University is dominated by fruitful achievements.

Persimmon yellow on the wall

From afar, it makes people happy.

Golden Ginkgo

Wrapped in Ginkgo leaves that have not yet turned yellow

Malus Halliana

Full of branches

gmtlight, Mr Niu