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Great beauty sharing in the UK

Great beauty sharing in the UK

If you want to go to the UK, you must travel to the formal channels, don't sneak into it.

Some Vietnamese people sneaked into the UK a few days ago and died! Very regrettable. The UK is a highly developed country with many scenic spots. There are also many gentlemen and rich in specialties. Let's take a look.


British Scotch Whisky has a long history, the special water quality of the Scottish Highlands and the extremely strict brewing process, making the whisky produced there known as “liquid gold”.

Teddy Bear has a full body and limbs, fluffy warm Angora wool, simple materials and embroidery threads, a thick expression, and 100% hand-stitching and stuffing.


British silverware is very gorgeous, well-made and complex, and is popular among tourists from all over the world. Especially the silver Christmas tableware, in addition to very beautiful varieties, from candle holders to cutlery to dishes, this kind of silver The production of the device is also a traditional British craft.


British leather products have a long history, from small hand workshops in the embryonic period of capitalism to mechanized large-scale production in the early 21st century, and have been refined and improved through the ages to form today's style. British leather goods always want to show a steady, refined gentleman temperament.

Weiji Live Ceramics

Strong demand for art ceramics in the UK The UK is the country that produced ceramics earlier in Europe, and ceramics are more commonly used in the UK. In addition to its large export of ceramics, the United Kingdom also imports a large number of ceramics. Bone magnetic is the most famous in the UK, and the world's top ten famous magnets (bone magnetic) are all in the UK, focusing on the durability of the products. The Weiji Living Porcelain has undergone different endurance tests, including the world record set in September 1988. The four Weizhi Live Bone Porcelain Coffee Cups carry a 50-tonne earth-moving vehicle, showing its solidity.


Shirley is the transliteration of English Sherry, but also translated into Harriet, Shelly and so on. This wine is called "Retz" in Spain. Because the British especially like it, it is called by its similar English transliteration Sherry (the prince's meaning). Sherry is already copied in many countries around the world.

British black tea

British black tea has become an important drink for the British. In the past, aristocratic afternoon tea was always very particular. In a large court, it was always difficult to recruit family members to drink black tea on time, so they shook beautiful bells and bells. It’s time to tell your family that you are having afternoon tea.

If you want to go to the UK, you must travel to the formal channels, don't sneak into it.

Photos from UK government video。