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Li Yuanxin's Paintings

Li Yuanxin, born in Beijing, is a professional painter. He learned from Liu Yansong, a famous landscape painter, and laid a solid foundation for painting. In the 1990s, he joined Beijing Academy of painting and studied figure painting techniques from Professor Zhao Zhitian. Now, he studies Li kuchan's flower and bird painting techniques with Professor Cui ruzhuo, senior research class of Chinese painting of Central University of nationalities. He is good at painting Buddhist figures and Maitreya Buddha statues as representative works. Landscape, flowers and birds, ladies, walking good, fish and insects and other techniques are all involved. Many works are included in the 21st century calligraphers and painters' classic, contemporary calligraphers and painters' collection, and Chinese calligraphy and painting masters' collection.

If you are interested in his artworks, email to sales@gmtlight.com.