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Mr. Su Wanshun, a calligrapher and painter, shares Mr. Li duoqiang's works

Mr. Su Wanshun, a calligrapher and painter, shares Mr. Li duoqiang's works

Mr. Li duoqiang, Hao Chengzhai, born in 1958, is now vice president of Beijing ink color painting garden, vice president of Kyoto painting and calligraphy society, member of qingyunshi painting and Calligraphy Association, member of Beijing Tianjin Lu painting and Calligraphy Association and professional painter. Xue Linxing's only disciple.

Li duoqiang loved painting when he was young. In 1981, he formally entered the Central Academy of Arts and crafts (the Academy of fine arts of Tsinghua University) to study sketch and oil painting under the name of Professor Quan Zhenghuan, which laid a good foundation for his later artistic career.

After graduating from Tsinghua University, Li duoqiang began to study Chinese painting, mainly focusing on characters, and was instructed by famous painters a Lao and Huang Junzhu. In 1987, he formally became a teacher of famous figure painter Xue Linxing. Since then, he has embarked on the path of full-time painter and made great progress in art.

Li duoqiang's figure painting is not just a copy, but also absorbs the perspective and color of Western painting while absorbing Mr. Xue's technique. With line as the main part and color as the auxiliary, he paints and uses, making his work full of three-dimensional feeling, bright color, soft line with hard line, making the work very full and real.

Mr. Li's characters are mostly beautiful girls of ancient and modern times, all of them are elegant and fresh, beautiful but not demon. They have a distinctive flavor of the times and are deeply loved by calligraphy and painting lovers.