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Mask supplier, don't increase the price!

Mask supplier, don't increase the price!

Editor: in the face of epidemic situation, there is no national boundary, which is the common thing of the earth people. We are facing threats and disasters of common interests, highlighting the real connotation of a community with a shared future for mankind.

Just like the curtain light, a light is very weak, we organize together, it is a light!

China is a big producer of masks. Recently, the prices of many mask manufacturers are rising, which is not appropriate. Although the supply-demand relationship is tense and there are many factors for price increase, each mask manufacturer should provide the people in urgent need with the lowest profit. This is a responsibility, and it is the responsibility of the earth people.

Can you be alone? There is only one earth for human beings, and all countries live in one world. After the first meeting with foreign ministers, Xi Jinping said that the international community has increasingly become a "destiny community" with you and me in your own eyes. No country can stand alone in the face of the complex economic situation and global problems of the world economy. "Community of shared destiny" is a new concept of human society that the Chinese government has repeatedly stressed. The white paper of China's peaceful development in 2011 proposed to seek new connotations of common interests and values of mankind from a new perspective of "community of common destiny".

The concept of "common interest" does not always exist. In the period of European monarchy, national interest is the interest of monarch or family. In the 20th century, the interest relationship of the international community has been described as an exclusive zero sum relationship, so it is inevitable that the interest competition will lead to war.

Isn't it the global village? At the time of the outbreak in China, the United States closed its ports. But the epidemic broke out in the United States. Economic globalization urges people to reflect on the traditional view of national interests. In an instant, the global transmission mechanism of thousands of miles and miles around the world has turned the planet inhabited by human beings into a "global village". The high integration of the interests of various countries has made different countries become a link in the chain of common interests. Problems in any link may lead to the interruption of the global interest chain. When there are problems in food security of a country, the hungry people will flock to other countries on a large scale. The progress of transportation provides the possibility for the flow of refugees, while the progress of humanitarian concept makes refugees face great pressure outside the country. The Internet connects all countries more closely than ever before, launching cyber attacks at any point in the world seems silent, but the economic and social losses to the target country may be no less than a war. The problems brought about by climate change, such as glacier melting, precipitation imbalance and sea level rise, will not only bring extinction to small island countries, but also cause great harm to dozens of developed coastal cities in the world. The shortage of resources and energy is related to the continuity of human civilization, and environmental pollution leads to the frequent occurrence of strange diseases and cross-border epidemics. In the face of more and more global problems, no country can be independent. If any country wants to develop itself, it must let others develop; if it wants to be safe, it must let others be safe; if it wants to live well, it must let others live well.

In this context, people also have a new understanding of common interests. Since human beings are already in the "global village", the citizens of all countries are also the citizens of the earth. The global interests are also their own interests. A country's actions that are conducive to the global interests serve its own interests at the same time.

Global values should be actively established. Today's world is facing a great change that hasn't happened in a century. The trend of political multipolarity, economic globalization, cultural diversity and social informatization is irreversible. The relationship and dependence between countries are deepening day by day, but they also face many common challenges. Food security, resource shortage, climate change, cyber attack, population explosion, environmental pollution, disease epidemic, transnational crime and other global non-traditional security problems emerge in an endless stream, which pose severe challenges to the international order and human survival. No matter where people live, how they believe and whether they want to, they are already in a community of common destiny. At the same time, a kind of global values aimed at meeting the common challenges of mankind has begun to form and gradually gained international consensus.

Unite the world for greater victory!

Let go of the immediate benefits. We are facing a common enemy, which is the plague.

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