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做个踏踏实实的卖锅人 不做甩锅人

















Teacher Cui's essay selling pot

Liulin town is a well-known market in the near and far. Every month, the second day of the first lunar month and the seventh day of the first lunar month are the days of market.

Zhang Dazhi has a stall on the collection. It's not a big place. It's only 3 square meters. Each collection pays 3 yuan for management fee. Three decades ago, the business of Dazhi was very hot. It was known that he was a pot seller, especially the famous iron pot. Who let his uncle be the factory director of the iron pot factory in the county? The factory price of his pot was lower than that of others. If one pot was 2 yuan lower in the market, it would bring a large number of buyers.

Later, when the iron pot business was not easy to do, he managed hardware tools. In his fifties, Dazhi was still famous in eight townships. People thought that Dazhi spoke of credibility. As long as there was a problem with the products sold, he was responsible for the return and exchange, and never spoke twice. Thirty years ago, when he made the iron pot, there were several pots left, which had been piled up in Westinghouse. However, he was determined to cherish these pots. For so many years, he still treasured his refusal to sell scrap iron. In his words, life was so good that he didn't need to smash pots and sell iron!

Last Sunday, a customer gathered and asked Zhang Dazhi where his stall was. He found Zhang Dazhi and stared at him. Da Zhi also thinks that the person in front of him is a little familiar, but he can't remember who he is. "What can I do for you?" Asked ambition.

"Is there any iron pot? I remember you selling iron pots earlier. "

"What time is it? It's long gone! "

"You don't remember me? I'm a dick! Next door to Li village, when we were little, you lost to me when we were dogs in the river! "

"Two eggs?!" Zhang Dazhi quickly recalled, no, there is a mole on the tip of Er'an eyebrow, it's him!

Each lit a cigarette and the two sat on the curb talking.

"What are you doing with the iron pot?"

"When I graduated from University, I went to work in Guangzhou. I went home every other day. My mother is ill. I don't think there will be many days left. This time back, she didn't want to eat anything. She wanted to eat salty food made by iron pot. I went to the supermarket and bought a pan to make it for her. She always said it wasn't that taste. But where do you say to buy the iron pot of decades ago? I think of you and try my luck. "

Zhang Dazhi smoked a cigarette and said, "don't say, you've got the right old fellow. There are several old iron pots in the house. I'll clear up for you and send you home tomorrow.

The next day, a flat iron pot was sent to the second egg's house. After decades of cooking, Dazhi went back to 30 years ago.

A week later, his mother left. On the phone, Erdan said to Dazhi that his wish had come true, and he made her favorite salty food, the tender leaves on the old pepper tree in front of the house. The mother said it was the old taste.

The pot was also taken away by Er Dan. When he went to Guangzhou, he told Da Zhi that the iron pot was for thinking and he would use it all the time.