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The landlord | Collect | Report 2020-12-23 21:53   Hots: 31   Reply: 1

A promotional meeting will be held by my company, can I get any suitable product for it?

I will be charge of a promotional events for the clients of our company, we are selling snacks to them.

What kind of product will be suitable for it?

沙发 | Reply | Report 2020-12-23 22:32

A product can be printed by your company LOGO will be better for the business.

According to the snacks you are selling, I think a mini cleaner would be good for you.

There may be a lot of crumbs when people enjoy the snacks, a cleaner with your LOGO is necessary for them at that time, and will be better for your brand at the same time.

One important thing, remember to order the mini size cleaners to instead of the bigger ones.

The mini types are easy to carry or use, and price will be cheaper than the bigger ones with big qty.

You might try this: https://www.gmtlight.com/sell/show/1638/

Your company LOGO printing become easier by this type and they look cute enought for your clients, I think.

Hope you have a successful meeting.