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The landlord | Collect | Report 2019-07-05 21:26   Hots: 48   Reply: 0

Bitter beer tastes marijuana

Beer tastes bitter. Some people like to drink it more. Self-abuse needs it! Bitter beer tastes like marijuana. Why?

Beer is also associated with another animal favorite: carbohydrates. Professor Pelca of the Monell Chemical Sensory Center in Philadelphia conducted an experiment in which mice were fed two different flavors, one with carbohydrates, and they soon liked it. Even though those carbohydrates are injected directly into their intestines, they are not eaten at the same time as the fragrance. Pelca and his colleagues also found that if a person was not interested in iced tea, but took a pill that automatically releases carbohydrates in his stomach at the same time as he drank it, he would be interested in iced tea.

Bitter and bitter beers usually contain more malt, which releases a lot of sugar. Moreover, if we are exposed to one thing frequently, our preference for it will increase, which is called "pure exposure effect" by psychologists. In addition, hops not only bring bitterness, but also trigger some pleasant fragrances: floral, pine, citrus. Some people even say bitter beer has the smell of marijuana - and that makes sense, hops themselves belong to the cannabis family.