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Two Pet dogs died,poisoned?

Li, a resident of No. 1 West Chang'an District in Mentougou District, Beijing, said her two dogs died after eating dog food in the southeastern corner of the district on July 12. Liu LEI, a pet doctor, said preliminary judgment was that poisoning was the cause. On July 15, a reporter from the Beijing News learned from the Yongding Police Station in Mentougou District that the police had conducted an investigation.
Two poisoned pet dogs. The respondents provided information on two pet dogs poisoned to death. Respondent's Map
Ms. Li, a householder, said she took two pet dogs for a walk in her neighborhood around 8:00 on July 12. When it was found that there was a lot of dog food on the ground, the pet dog came to eat it and took it home. At about 13 o'clock that day, one of the pet dogs suddenly barked and ran around. Ms. Li took her pet dog to a nearby pet hospital for treatment. Upon arrival, her pet dog developed incontinence, white tongue and unconsciousness. After treatment, the patient died.
Ms. Li said that when she returned home, she found that another pet dog had died, and the symptoms of the two pet dogs were the same. Photographs showed the pet dog lying in a cage with a lot of vomiting underneath. There is blood on the ground near the dog's mouth, suspicious of vomiting blood. "I didn't feed the dogs before I walked them, and when they came back, they just drank some water and didn't eat anything else." Ms. Li suspects that dog food is poisonous on the ground in the community. And send out messages in the community Wechat group to remind you not to eat by mistake. "It's dangerous to be picked up by a child and eaten by mistake."
On July 15, Liu Lei, a pet doctor, told the Beijing News that according to the symptoms of pet dogs before their death, it was preliminary judged that they were poisoned. Residential property said it had been informed and was waiting for the police to deal with it. Police at Yongding Police Station in Mentougou District said that an investigation had been carried out.