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The landlord | Collect | Report 2019-09-03 21:54   Hots: 51   Reply: 1

My friend's Akita ran away

My friend's Akita ran away, Is there such an unfaithful dog?

Akita is a Japanese national dog and a family pet dog in Japan. Akita is the largest fox dog breed in Japan, and this large fox dog has attracted considerable attention even in countries with a large number of fox breeds, such as Europe and the United States. In Japan, Akita Dog is a national dog with national historical and cultural significance. It is famous for its "Eight Faithful Dogs" and is the only large dog in the national natural monument designated by Japan. The dog is very brave, sensitive, loyal and intelligent. There are many stories about his loyalty. Akita County is the birthplace of Akita dogs. The northern part of the area is mountainous and very cold in winter. Akita is a competent working dog and housekeeper. Villagers often take dogs to hunt wild boars and bears. The dog's best skill is to help hunters find the hit prey in the snow or water and return it to their owners.

沙发 | Reply | Report 2019-09-05 21:55

So, has the dog been found?

My friend bought a dog rope with LED light inside, it is easier to find that lively fellow at night.

I think you can try it.