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gelatinous substances in moon

During the September day, unknown gelatinous substances were found in the crater on the back of the moon. The lunar rover operator carefully designed the driving plan and successfully carried out scientific exploration on the depth of the crater and the distribution of sputters.


During September night, Chang'e 4 lander and Yutu 2 lunar rover were shut down and dormant. After moonlight, when the output power of the two solar panels reaches the wake-up threshold, they can turn on some key equipments according to the scheduled procedure and resume communication with the ground, and then establish normal working state under the control of the ground.

At present, Chang'e No. 4 lander and Yutu No. 2 lunar rover are working normally, and the data receiving and processing of ground stations and central stations are normal. Up to now, the Yutu-2 lunar rover has walked 284.661 meters. During the working period of the tenth month, the two instruments will continue to carry out scientific exploration work. Scientists will also carry out relevant research work based on the engineering and scientific data obtained during the day in September, so as to accumulate experience and provide support for the follow-up mission of the lunar exploration project.