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LED luminous waterfall faucet with 3 colors changing(LLF-020)

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LED luminous waterfall faucet with 3 colors changing 

This is a modern container faucet, water and electricity supply (no power supply required), temperature sensing 3-color LED light with simple shape and modern functions, with a timeless appearance.

Type: LED Faucet

Material: brass body and zinc alloy handle

Function: Hot and cold water mixer

Surface treatment: chrome plating

Water pressure test: 0.05-1.6Mpa

Seal test: 1.6±0.05Mpa and 0.05±0.01Mpa, keep for 1 minute, no leakage

Cartridge life: 500,000 cycles

Installation accessories: stainless steel water pipe, 60cm

LED color: blue, green, red

Packing: 1pc/inner box; 20 pcs/carton 51*42*30cm; 32kg

High-quality LED lamp beads can be used for more than 50,000 hours.

5V-2mA safety voltage, no harm to human body, no plug-in, no leakage, to protect the safety of family members.

Three different colors of LED lights change with water temperature, red represents hot water, blue represents cold water, and green represents warm water.

The wide-mouth waterfall outlet and LED temperature control strengthen the water consumption habits of every family member, creating a more warm atmosphere for the safe and healthy life of the family.

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