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Home decoration USB Power LED Neon Hanger Light (ML-076)

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Home decoration USB Power LED Neon Hanger Light 

LED neon hanger light, with USB power, can be used to hang clothes, very practical. It can also be used for wedding decoration, shop decoration, birthday party, room decoration.

Product Name: LED Neon Hanger Light

Material: PVC/copper wire

Size: 39.5*21.5cm

Usage: plug in

Lamp beads: LED lamp beads

Color: warm white, pink, white

Weight: 350g

Power: USB

input voltage: 4.5 v

Control method: switch

Life: 50000 hours

Applicable occasions: hanging clothes, home decoration

Packing: 1pc/inner box; 50pcs/ctn; 66*41*46cm; 17.5/19kg

The hook of the LED neon clothes hanger light is integrally formed with a smooth surface. So it will not hurt your hands and clothes during use.

The hook of the LED neon clothes hanger lamp is very simple to use. It is powered by USB and can be directly plugged into the USB port to charge. Then turn on the switch button and it will glow.

The LED neon hanger light is a very novel design. The bright LED light can illuminate the clothes very beautifully. It can be used in shopping malls to display clothes, which will definitely attract more customers.

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