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Phone power mini portable sterilizer (LUL-030)

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Phone power mini portable sterilizer


Phone power mini portable sterilizer with small and exquisite, convenient to carry, without battery, various interfaces. During the outbreak, we have provided ourselves and our families with more security.


Item: LUL-030
Size: 56 x25 x8.5mm
Weight: 16g
Material: Alluminum alloy
Connetor: Lightning+Micro+TYPE-C
Color: Purple, Black, Blue
Wavelength: 200-280nm(UV-C)
Power: 1W
Distance: 3-5cm
Sterilization Time: 20-60s
Sterilazation Rate: 98%
Service Life: 10000h+
Switch mode: button type
Application Scenario: Masks、Clothing、Sofa、Pillow、Elevator Button、Cups、Toletries、Infant Products,etc.
Packaging Size: 86 x100 x10mm


Interface type: Android interface, apple interface, type-C


The concept of mini portable sterilizer: 
The mini portable sterilizer use mobile phone battery and mobile phone charging interface to achieve UV disinfection and sterilization function. It is convenient, fast and portable. Portable UV sterilizer, no need to charge and purchase additional battery, with mobile phone as auxiliary power, plug and play.


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