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How do Glow in Dark items work?

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Glow in dark items is very classical and popular for people all around the world.

Here we introduce how it works by the 6 inches glow stick as an example, please check the picture below:

1- There are 2 different chemical liquid in the plastic tube, which is separated by a glass tube inside. Let's call them Liquid A and Liquid B.

2- When we take it out from the package, we hold the stick then bend it to make it glow.

3- As soon as the inside glass tube is broken, Liquid A and Liquid B mixed together. By simple chemical reactions, the mixed liquid inside becoming glow.

4- After a short wave, the whole stick becomes glow. Then you know, it's time to take yourself in the dark to enjoy the gorgeous glow effect.

All the chemical glow items are the same principle, it is simple for people using and please remember to use it according to the WARNING TIPS on the package.

Enjoy your time by glow in dark items from GMTLIGHT CO.

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