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The Fortune and Temperament of Libra

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Note: The Face and Temperament of Libra,Let's talk about Libra here.Ms. Yang, a big buyer of gmtlight, is a Libra, and she

The Face and Temperament of Libra,Let's talk about Libra here.

The Fortune and Temperament of Libra

Gusess:who is Libra?

Ms. Yang, a big buyer of gmtlight, is a Libra, and she has a lot of research on Libra. When it comes to constellations, she always has a lot to say.

Real Libra men and women have perfect bodies. Libra women have ideal curves, medium stature, and lifelong elegance. Usually they are extremely attractive and slightly charming. They are eager to prove their energy by attracting the attention of the opposite sex, but this does not mean that they are serious about the games they play. On the contrary, they are slightly frivolous. If they press too hard, they will no longer appear in front of you.

Libra men are charming. They are born to know how to arouse women's desires. They have the ability to take women away from men and successfully express their desires with their bodies. The typical Libra man is not a solid or muscular type. They don't care whether they win a fight or not. They prefer to spend their time making love. They would rather have a slender figure, a strong sense of art, or a bookish atmosphere. He usually has broad shoulders and converges down to the traditional V-shaped shape.

Libra is born Romantic. They always start in childhood, on the way to find the other half, constantly tapping the desire to join other people's lives. They seem to be intolerable to loneliness, so they seek the companionship of friends in the absence of loved ones. But no matter how busy their social life is, they are lonely individuals who lack personal and intimate lover. Even after Libra's perfect union, they are still on their way to a perfect relationship and ideal state. At this level, they like to manipulate their partner, which eventually leads to emotional breakdown.

Libra is a sign of wind. People born in the light of Libra must always be in a circulating environment. Their kingdom is full of people and gatherings. The happier Libra is, the more things they can feel from the environment, the better they will feel.

Libra doesn't care for unpleasant or cold truths. They hide the fact that they are too "heavy" or "depressed" and do not want to get a negative emotional burden from their peers. They love the light, lightness, the twilight, the idea of heaven in their minds, and the beauty of the planet. Unevolved Libra, dreams are much more important than reality. This type of Libra, always living in a grey dream, unwilling to admit the impossibility of life, it is difficult to return to reality to find the real reason.

All Libras love beautiful things. They are fascinated by color, just as Leo loves clothes and accessories. The more complete Libra evolves, the more it understates its love for elegance and harmony. Libra, with its incomplete evolution, will only show off its gorgeous clothes loudly.

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