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Beidou Satellite Navigation System (BDS): Why is it called?

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Note: The Big Dipper was endowed with many mythological colors in ancient China. The arch of the Big Dipper is the political c

The Big Dipper was endowed with many mythological colors in ancient China. The arch of the Big Dipper is the political center of the heavenly society. "Dou" is a tool for drinking in the Book of Songs, while Sima Qian called "Dou is the Emperor's Car" and became the car of Emperor Heaven.

Beidou Satellite Navigation System BDS

Beidou Satellite Navigation System BDS

The Big Dipper can be used to determine the direction, from the relative position of Beidou and Polaris, you can find the northward direction. Beidou's handle can also be used to determine the season. The book Guguanzi, written in the Warring States Period, said: "The handle refers to spring in the east; The handle refers to summer in the south; The handle refers to autumn in the west; The handle refers to winter in the north".

“I was born in northern China, and I liked to look at the Big Dipper at night from my childhood. Starry sky, the Big Dipper is unique. Every September 9, many people worship the Big Dipper. That's why China calls high-tech navigation system Beidou navigation system. ”Mr Niu in gmtlight,said.

China Beidou Satellite Navigation System (BDS) is a self-developed global satellite navigation system. It is the third mature satellite navigation system after GPS and GLONASS. Beidou Satellite Navigation System (BDS) and GPS of the United States, GLonASS of Russia and GALILEO of the European Union are recognized suppliers by the United Nations Satellite Navigation Commission.

Beidou Satellite Navigation System is composed of three parts: space segment, ground segment and user segment. It can provide high precision, high reliability positioning, navigation and time service for all kinds of users all day and all day in the global scope. It also has short message communication capability. It has preliminary regional navigation, positioning and time service capabilities with positioning accuracy of 10 meters. The accuracy of speed measurement is 0.2 m/s and the timing accuracy is 10 nanoseconds.

Beidou Satellite Navigation System (Beidou Satellite Navigation System) is an important national space infrastructure for providing all-weather, all-time, high-precision positioning, navigation and timing services for global users, focusing on the needs of national security and economic and social development.

With the development of Beidou system construction and service capability, related products have been widely used in transportation, marine fishery, hydrological monitoring, meteorological forecast, mapping geographic information, forest fire prevention, communication time series, power dispatch, disaster relief and reduction, emergency search and rescue and other fields, and gradually penetrated into the production of human society and people's lives. In all respects, it will inject new vitality into the global economic and social development.

Satellite navigation system is a global public resource, and multi-system compatibility and interoperability have become the development trend. China has always adhered to and implemented the development concept of "China's Beidou and the world's Big Dipper", serving the development of "one belt and one road", and actively promoting the international cooperation of the Beidou system. Together with other satellite navigation systems and with other countries, regions and international organizations, we will work together to promote the development of global satellite navigation, so that Beidou system can better serve the world and benefit mankind.

Science has no boundaries. Beidou Satellite Navigation System is the contribution of Chinese and Chinese scientists to the world.

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