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Did you go to the Ant Forest today?

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Note: Did you go to the ant forest today?Every day when I go to office, the staff at gmtlight greet me in a different tone, Di

Did you go to the Ant forest today?


Every day when I go to office, the staff at gmtlight greet me in a different tone, "Did you go to the ant forest today?"

Alipay has a public welfare project named ant forest, which is a public account activity designed by Alipay for users. We can move ants' forest energy through walking, public transportation, takeaway, no food boxes, and so on, so that we can plant a virtual tree in the ant forest. When this tree grows up, then the commonweal organization that works with Alipay will grow a real tree in the desert accordingly. So far, the ant forest project has been implemented for more than 3 years, and the trees planted in the desert have also achieved little success. Many trees have grown up now, and many of their partners have also made special efforts on weekdays. Go to the Ant Forest Planting base and see what kind of trees Ma Yun planted. Because the trees planted in the Ant Forest are always virtual, we haven't seen the real trees planted in the desert, so many users go straight to the Ant Forest base to see what kind of trees they planted actually look like.

Alipay said: "by the end of May 2018, participants in the ant forest had reached 350 million users, and more than 55 million 500 thousand solid trees had been planted and maintained. The total area was 760 thousand mu, and more than one million mu of sand was controlled. Among them, the solid trees planted include Haloxylon ammodendron, Salix, Pinus sylvestris, Populus euphratica, flower sticks, etc., and Alipay will continue to make efforts for environmental protection. For the change of desert environment, we have to admire Ma Yun, because with the destruction of the environment, the desert is deteriorating every year, and this country feels powerless, but Ma Yun has done so, for this reason Ma Yun won the praise of the United Nations not long ago, as a public welfare person, we must praise Ma Yun!


Did you go to the ant forest today? I go to the ant forest every day. I want to go to desert to see the real ant forest and see the green mountains and rivers of China.

At present, many of these small trees have not yet grown up, looking a little weak, but these small trees have the strength we did not have, they can bring protection to the environment, can let the environment no longer deteriorate, after they grow up, they will block the wind and sand! Ma Yun once said that environmental protection is everyone's responsibility. I hope environmental protection can make our sky bluer, make our water clearer and make our air more fresh! According to Alipay's plan, the ant forest will grow at least 500 million trees in the next 5 years, and the afforestation area will be as high as 5 million mu. At that time, we will find that a piece of desert is being conquered by us, a piece of desert is gradually evolving into an oasis, all of which should be thanks to Ma Yun!


Young people working in gmtlight are all keen on this project. They have virtual forests in Alipay every day, and everyone pays close attention to this matter every day.

Will you help Ma Yun achieve his goal of 500 million yuan? The author thinks that countless Alipay users will go hand in hand with Ma Yun. Caring for the environment is not an entrepreneur's business. But Ma Yun has done so. We should also actively protect the environment. As Ma Yun said, we hope that the environment will be better, the sky is bluer and the water is clearer, so that we can raise our descendants. At that time, they hoped that they could also see fish, birds and many small animals! Therefore, it is everyone's duty to love the environment!

I need fresh air,so,I go to the ant forest every day.

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