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What are the beautiful sceneries along California Highway 1?

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Note: California Highway 1 Dream Driving Tour, can not be missed, by the United States National Geographic magazine as one of

California Highway 1 Dream Driving Tour, can not be missed, by the United States National Geographic magazine as one of the 50 places that must be visited in life. It is the most beautiful scenic point of contact between land and sea in the world.

california highway 1

Bathing in California's sunshine, blowing the sea breeze on the West Bank of the United States, listening to the sounds of the Pacific beat along the coast, like a dream, this is the charm of California Highway 1.

california highway 1

California Highway 1 is located north of Los Angeles and south of San Francisco. It is famous for its landscape highway. It bends along the Pacific Ocean and goes directly to San Francisco. Because it is not the main road, there is less traffic and beautiful scenery. In the scenic areas along the road, many highlighted loess roads are designed humanistically for vehicles to stop. By the way, enjoy the scenery.

california highway 1

California Highway 1 links San Francisco and Los Angeles from north to south, winding along the west coast of the United States, covering more than 1,000 kilometers.

California Highway 1 is also known as the Pacific Coast Highway, but it does not occupy all of California's coastline. It rises north from Leggett in the south of San Francisco Mangrove National Forest Park and south to Dana Point in Los Angeles.

california highway 1

Because of its unique geographical environment, California Highway 1 is known as the most beautiful highway in the world because of its vast sea, vast sky, billowy sails, and steep cliffs, lush grasses and beautiful scenery.

“My dream is to travel with my girlfriend to California Highway 1 by car. One is for beautiful scenery, the other is for gourmet food and the third is beautiful girlfriend. You say, was the mood at that time incomparable? I have to make money to realize this dream as soon as possible. But first I have to find a girlfriend.” Jack, just graduated from college, working in gmtlight.

To the south of Highway 1 is the famous Hertz Castle, which is owned by William Rudolph Hurst, an American media magnate. Situated on the top of Mount Saint-Simon, it was built in 1919 and took 28 years. This Spanish-style mansion is the only old castle in the United States and the second largest private residence in the United States. It is said to have been the most expensive private house and zoo in the world. Often foggy on the West Coast of the United States, the castle seems to be situated in fairyland. In the luxury castle, there are the West Temple (the first building of the entrance to Hercules Castle, which has 115 rooms), two swimming pools (Neptune swimming pool and Roman swimming pool), the main altar, the Hercules Palace, restaurants, cinemas and so on.

Santa Barbara

After coming out of the castle, stay at night in Santa Barbara, a beautiful and quiet seaside town famous for its idyllic climate, Spanish architecture, amazing mountains, valleys and beaches. Mediterranean-style buildings with uniform urban areas. The colors are bright and fresh, with green white walls and red tiles; the sea is blue sea water, snow and white spray, and the whole city looks elegant and charming, as if it is covered with a romantic veil of European style. Today, its quiet and elegant neighborhood environment, combining traditional features and modern spirit, has become the dream land in the minds of artists, poets and middle-class people.

california highway 1

Feeling the Spirit of the West

Many sections of Highway 1 in the United States are built on cliffs, beside the Pacific Ocean. Along the way, many construction sites can be seen. Two-way vehicles have to divert their peers. Many convertible off-road vehicles in the United States roar past. The section is very primitive, there is no over-developed coastal highway, no high-rise screen resort hotel. In fact, the western spirit of conquering nature is based on the premise of harmonious coexistence with nature. This is California. This is the western part of the United States.

california highway 1

Santa Monica

The end of California Highway 1 is Santa Monica, west of Los Angeles, a local summer resort. The 3rd Street Promenade is the first place to attract local residents and tourists. There are many warm and romantic cafes, cinemas and small shops popular with young people on both sides of the street. Every corner of the street is beautifully decorated and it is a paradise for shopping. Whether on weekdays or weekends, the streets are very busy. There are often performances by instrumental performers, and occasionally some famous instrumental masters come here to perform their skills.


Monterey is one of the most famous seaside resorts in Northern California. There used to be more than 20 cannery factories, but since sardines disappeared in 1945, they became beautiful streets full of shops and restaurants. The Monterey Bay Aquarium, the most famous historic aquarium in the United States, was rebuilt from the cannery of that year.

california highway 1

Seventeen Mile

17-mile Drive (17 miles) is one of California's most famous tourist attractions and has been named the three best driving scenic routes in the United States (the other is Grand Sur, which is located in the Monterey Peninsula). This private highway, which is close to the Pacific Ocean, has a beautiful coastal scenery, a world-renowned golf course, and a deep courtyard. It has a long history and never tires of seeing. And its greatest special feature is that along this large coastline of the Pacific Ocean, it is privately owned, so 17 miles is the most attractive private coast in the world.

california highway 1

I used to walk through a section of Highway No. 1, along which there was no comparable scenery of other place. But Chinese people need some money to travel to the United States by car, about 5,000 dollars at least. If you don't have enough money, work hard first. It's good to travel to Heavenly Road in Zhangjiakou, China.

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