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The Statue of Liberty:Liberty Shining the World

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Note: The Statue of Liberty, full-name Statue of Liberty Bronze National Monument, officially known as Liberty Shining the Wor

The Statue of Liberty, full-name "Statue of Liberty Bronze National Monument", officially known as "Liberty Shining the World", is located near the Hudson estuary of Freedom Island in New York Harbour, USA. If you go to New York and you don't see the Statue of Liberty, it's funny thing.

the Statue of Liberty

The Goddess of Liberty was dressed in ancient Greek style clothes, with a crown shining in all directions. The seven pointed awns symbolized the seven continents. The torch symbolizing freedom is held high in the right hand and a nameplate in the left hand, engraved with July IV MDCCLXXVI (the date of the Declaration of Independence issued on July 4, 1776); under the feet are shattered handcuffs, shackles and chains, symbolizing freedom from tyranny.

The Statue of Liberty is a symbol of the United States, a symbol of friendship between the American nation and the American people, and an expression of the noble ideals of the American people for democracy and freedom. Freedom is the symbol of America.

In 1984, the National Monument to the Statue of Liberty was listed on the World Heritage List. Its connotation is widely used in various fields.

The Statue of Liberty is just around the Maritime routes and can be seen from a long distance by passengers entering and leaving the harbor. When the ship sailed into New York Bay, the first thing that came into view was the huge statue. The statue holds the torch in hand, lifts it high in the air, looks ahead and has a graceful posture. Some passengers like to wave to her and some take photos of her.

At night, the torch is illuminated, and the searchlight from the ground of the island to the giant makes the statue of Liberty clearer and more spectacular. When the ship leaves the urban pier, it also passes by her, and the tourists say "goodbye" to her.

the Statue of Liberty

The Statue of Liberty has become a great sight for ships entering and leaving New York Harbor and a symbol of freedom in people's hearts. A friend said that when he mentioned the Statue of Liberty, his heart was beating fast.  Then we make a small Statue of Liberty in our 3D printing workshop and gift him. He told me that the Statue of Liberty brought him joy every day. Mr. Niu, at gmtlight

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