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Intelligent Switch: Basic Element to Realize Remote Management of Mobile Phone

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Note: Intelligent Switch: Basic Element to Realize Remote Management of Mobile PhoneIntelligent switch is the basis of smart h

Intelligent Switch: Basic Element to Realize Remote Management of Mobile Phone

intelligent switch

Intelligent switch is the basis of smart home, so that all the appliances that can connect WIFI in your home can achieve highly intelligent control, Internet of Things, everything in your control.

intelligent switch

You use the principle of intelligent switch to close your curtain.

What are the main functions of intelligent switches? What are the advantages?

1. Mutual control: All lights in the room can be controlled on each switch, and up to 27 channels can be controlled on each switch.

2. Illumination display: The status of all lights in the room will be displayed on every switch.

3. Various operations: Manual, infrared remote control, remote operation (can control the lights in other rooms).

Example 1: Before going to bed at night, you find that the lamp in the children's room is still on. You can immediately know which lamp is on in the children's room on the smart switch in your own room. Then you can control it manually or remotely on the smart switch in your own room.

Example 2: For example, the users of villas or duplex buildings often go back to their rooms to rest because of their large houses. Suddenly, they think that the lights in other rooms are not turned off. Intelligent switches with lighting display and remote control can solve these problems very well.

4. Standard control: The lamp connected by the standard switch can be turned on directly.

For example, as with the ordinary switch on 3, you can turn on and off the light directly by pressing lamp 1, lamp 2 and lamp 3.

5. Standard locking: All switches can be prohibited from operating the lights in this room.

For example, if you are reading in your study and don't want to be disturbed by others, the intelligent switch can lock the light in your study and make you feel at ease to read.

6. Full shutdown function: can close all the lights in the room or any room with one click.

intelligent switch

For example: preparing to go out in the evening, like ordinary switch, it is troublesome to turn off lights in one room. With intelligent switch, you can turn off all lights in three seconds directly when you walk to the door, or turn off all lights separately in each room.

You use the principle of intelligent switch to design remote feeding for your pet

7. Power off protection: When power off, all lights will be turned off and sound prompts will be given.

For example, if a lamp is on and power is suddenly cut off, the smart switch will automatically turn off all the lights on when the power comes back, and there is a call reminder, the ordinary switch can not achieve such a function.

8. State Indicator: The state indicator light on the switch can be turned off separately and restored by pressing any key without affecting other switch operation.

For example, in the evening, the living room lights are on and the other room lights are on. I go to bed first. I don't want to show them on the face of my room, but I don't want to turn off the lights in other rooms. At this time, I just turn off the light on the panel of my room.

9. Automatic Night Light: When the Intelligent Switch leaves the factory, it will turn on humanized automatic Night Light

For example, as soon as you go home at night, the intelligent switch panel will have a very humanized bright night light so that you can easily find the switch, unlike ordinary switches, which feel the position of the switch by hand.

intelligent switch

You use the principle of intelligent switch to design remote turning on the air conditioner.

10. Infrared remote control: All switches can be controlled by infrared remote control.

For example, when you lie in bed, you want to turn off the lights in your room, just like turning off the TV, you use remote control to operate.

11. Memory Storage: Built-in IIC memory, automatic memory for all settings.

12. Fast Setting: Set the name of each switch conveniently and quickly.

13. Easy installation: Installation size and wiring method are the same as ordinary switches. Two signal lines are needed to connect the switches in parallel.

14. Benefit in price: The number of switches needed to install this switch is much lower than that of ordinary switches (usually one in a room), and they can be controlled mutually without common double-control installation method, so many ordinary switches and wires can be saved.

15. Easy maintenance: One switch failure will not affect the use of other switches. Users can directly replace the new intelligent switch and install it. During maintenance, ordinary switches can be used directly instead of normal lighting.

16. Good safety: The switch panel is a weak-current operating system. There is no spark when the lights are turned on or off. The safety factor of the elderly and children is very high when they are used.

“Smart switches will be widely used in our production and life. gmtlight always pays attention to the technological progress of smart switches and the diversified needs of users.”Ms Niu,At gmtlight.

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