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Why does Bill Gates make so much money Again?

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Note: Why is Bill Gates so profitable?Why can Bill Gates regain his $90 billion fortune after giving away all of his money?Bil

Why is Bill Gates so profitable? Why does Bill Gates make so much money again?


Why can Bill Gates regain his $90 billion fortune after giving away all of his money?

Bill Gates is one of the most legendary entrepreneurs in the world. Like Jobs and Zuckerberg, Bill Gates dropped out of college to start a business, and he was admitted to Harvard University, the world's top university. Because computers originated in the United States, they were first used in the United States.

In 1974, Bill Gates saw the huge potential of the computer software market and started his business. The next year Microsoft was founded. Microsoft's early business was to accept software outsourcing from large companies, and the ultimate turning point was in outsourcing.

In 1980, IBM entrusted Microsoft to develop an operating system suitable for IBM personal computers. Microsoft DOS was born. After its birth, it received tremendous market repercussions. Inspired by this, Bill Gates decided to design a new operating system by himself, and Windows was born. Since the birth of Windows, because of its visualization and easy-to-operate characteristics, Microsoft has quickly gained market recognition. Since then, Microsoft has become popular. With the help of its shareholder Dongfeng, Microsoft has begun to vigorously develop its software business.

In 1985, Microsoft Office was born. By bundling sales, Microsoft Office also achieved great success. At the same time, Microsoft also built a PC-based social software MSN, which quickly spread all over the world. In an instant, Microsoft became the world's most valued technology company, with a total market capitalization of $66.6 billion in 1999. Microsoft was also considered to be the highest listed company in human history at that time.

With the soaring market value of Microsoft, Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft, has naturally risen in value. In fact, Bill Gates was named the richest man in the world since 1995.

However, Bill Gates retired in 2008. Although he still served as chairman of Microsoft, Gates cashed out Microsoft shares and donated them to his founding foundation, totaling $58 billion. A strange phenomenon has happened. Fifth year after his naked donation, Gates regained his position as the world's richest man. With the world's richest man being picked by Amazon founder Bezos this year, Gates is still worth $90 billion.

So why did Bill Gates give away his entire family and have another $90 billion? After all, Gates has sold and donated all of Microsoft's shares, so how did Gates get such a price? And the world's richest man is not so easy to be.

There are two reasons:

1. Position Of Bill Gates:

Although Gates donated all his personal property, he is still the chairman of Microsoft. As the chairman of Microsoft, he naturally has a high salary. According to the latest Microsoft shareholder data, Gates still owns 1% of Microsoft's shares, that is to say, Microsoft gave Gates a rights issue.

2, Bill Gates' friends

Gates'naked donation is influenced by his good friend Buffett. Buffett is the best investor. As a friend, Gates has been closely following the pace of Buffett's investment. During these years, he has also invested in many start-ups and made great returns.

“Bill Gates's ability to make money is unparalleled, which makes me feel very ashamed. I worked in gmtlight for many years and found it more and more difficult to make money. Apart from paying employees'salaries on time, the company has not made much profit. Every year, we work hard to deal with every customer's orders conscientiously. If I hadn't worked in gmtlight, I would have lost my job, and then I would have no money to earn. There is no comparison between people, but there is only one bill gates in the world, and there are hundreds of millions of people like me. That's the reality. If Bill Gates bought anything at gmtlight, it would make the company very strong. Of course, it's just a joke.”Mr Niu,CEO,At gmtlight.

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