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What are the patterns required for CE certification?

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Note: What are the patterns required for CE certification?CE certification has many different modes, which depend on the level

What are the patterns required for ce certification?


CE certification has many different modes, which depend on the level of risk of the product and are determined by negotiation between buyers and sellers. The costs incurred by different authentication modes are also different.

For almost all EU product directives, the directives usually provide manufacturers with several models of CE certification (Modules). Manufacturers can tailor their clothes according to their own circumstances and choose the best model for themselves. Generally speaking, CE authentication mode can be divided into the following nine basic modes.

Mode A: Internal Production Control (Module A: Internal Production Control)

Mode Aa: Internal production control, plus third-party inspection (Module Aa: Intervention of a Notified Body)

Model B: EC Type-Examination (Module B: EC Type-Examination)

Mode C: Module C: Conformity to Type

Mode D: Module D: Production Quality Assurance

Mode E: Module E: Product Quality Assurance

Mode F: Module F: Product verification

Mode G: Module G: Unit Verification

Mode H: Module H: Full Quality Assurance

based on the different combinations of the above basic modes, several other different modes may be derived. Generally speaking, not every model can be applied to all products. In other words, manufacturers are not free to choose any of the above modes to carry out CE certification for their products.


Self-declaration mode or through third-party certification bodies

The EU Product Directive allows manufacturers of products with lower risk levels in certain categories to choose CE certification in the form of Model A: "Internal Production Control (self-declaration)". Products with high risk level must be involved through the third-party certification body NB (Notified Body). For products with high risk level, the manufacturer must choose other modes besides mode A, or mode A plus other modes to achieve CE certification. That is to say, it is necessary to intervene through the NB (Notified Body), a third-party certification body.

In the certification process of other modes besides mode A, at least one EU accredited certification authority NB is usually required to participate in part or all of the certification process. According to different modes, NB may intervene in the certification process by sampling inspection, sampling inspection, factory inspection, annual inspection, different quality system audit, and so on, and issue corresponding inspection reports, certificates, etc.

The above information is provided by GS TEST and gmtlight certification studios.

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