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You Would Naturally Like Beer If living In Germany

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Note: German life is inseparable from beer,You Would Naturally Like Beer If living In Germany.Germans love beer and have a spe

German life is inseparable from beer,You Would Naturally Like Beer If living In Germany.


Germans love beer and have a special beer culture. The long history of beer, the ancient beer legend and various exquisite methods of brewing beer, as well as the world-famous Beer Festival and various celebrations. Bavaria, Germany's famous beer town, has 10 million inhabitants and consumes 230 litres of beer per capita every year. Every Bavarian drinks an average of half a liter of beer a day, men, women and children alike. Beer drinking has become Germany's favorite LEIsure activity.

German beer enthusiasts have set up various beer clubs, so that people of different classes can often gather together to drink beer, exchange experience and enjoy themselves. Germans regard drinking beer as a daily necessity. Bars are everywhere. People drink beer not only at meals, but almost anywhere.

"I often go to Germany and I often go to bars to drink beer at night. In China, I don't have the habit, but under the influence of German beer culture, I drink beer almost every day. Environmental impact on human behavior, Under German beer culture environment, everyone can not refuse to go to the brewery to have a refreshing beer, relax. "Mr. Niu, in gmtlight.

Baker in Germany is internationally recognized as the beer capital, where the world's largest beer festival is held every year. At this grand international beer event, tourists will flock to Germany from all over the world, enjoy all kinds of German beer, experience German culture, and experience the unique festival atmosphere and joy of Germany.

Germany is the birthplace of world beer brewing. German beer brewing technology is the most exquisite in the world. There are many kinds of beer in the world, and the quality of beer is also the best in the world.

A famous beer House coup in history was also associated with beer.

The beer house coup, also known as the Hitler riot. In November 1923, Hitler and Rudendorf launched an attempted fascist coup in Munich. The separatists led by G. von Karl, the Bavarian State Governor, O. von Loso, the commander of the German Defense Force in Bavaria, and H. von Sessel, the State Police Chief, attempted to defend the monarchy against the Government of the Republic. They have close ties with Hitler and other nationalist groups. Hitler tried to use the crisis of Weimar Republic to launch a coup and establish a nationalist dictatorship. In the end, the coup failed and several Nazi leaders, including Hitler, were arrested. Hitler tried to turn it into his political speech at the trial, but he was sentenced to five years in prison. He spent eight months in prison, in which he dictated My Struggle, a shocking blueprint for the future of Germany under Nazi rule.

The story tells us that the beer is in German's life. You Would Naturally Like Beer If living In Germany.


德国人酷爱饮啤酒,有一种特殊的啤酒文化。 悠久的啤酒历史、古老的啤酒传说和各种精湛的酿制啤酒的方法,还有闻名世界的啤酒节和各种庆祝活动。 德国著名的啤酒之乡巴伐利亚有1千万居民,每年人均啤酒消耗量为230升。不论男女老少,每个巴伐利亚人每天平均要喝半升啤酒。饮啤酒已成了德国人最喜爱的休闲活动。

德国的啤酒爱好者成立了各种各样的的啤酒俱乐部,使不同阶层的人有机会经常聚集在一起畅饮啤酒,交流心得, 尽情享受。 德国人将喝啤酒视为每天必不可少的事情。各种酒吧星罗棋布。人们不只是进餐时才喝啤酒,而几乎是随时随地喝。

“我经常到德国,晚上也经常光顾酒吧喝啤酒。在中国,我本身没有那个习惯,但在德国啤酒文化的影响下,我基本上每天都去喝啤酒。环境影响人的行为,在德国啤酒文化环境下,每个人都不能拒绝到啤酒馆来杯清爽的啤酒,放松一下。” 牛先生,gmtlight






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