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Face Recognition: Just go to the bank with your face.

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Note: Face Recognition: Just go to the bank and withdraw money with your face.How much money can I get with this face?We have

Face Recognition: Just go to the bank and withdraw money with your face.

How much money can I get with this face?

"We have just talked about face recognition technology used in Beijing Daxing International Airport. In fact, face recognition technology has been widely applied in all aspects. For example, gmtlight attendance with face recognition. "Mr. Niu, gmtlight.

Face biometric technology has been widely used in government, army, bank, social welfare, e-commerce, security and defense and other fields.

A Sales Department of United States bank of America:

A depositor walks into the bank. He withdraws money without a bank card or a recall password. When he withdraws money from the ATM, a camera scans the user's eyes, and then quickly and accurately identifies the user and completes the business. The business department is using the "iris recognition system" in modern biometric technology.

After the 911 incident in the United States, anti-terrorism activities have become the consensus of governments. It is very important to strengthen airport security and defense. The face recognition technology of the United States's visage company is very clear at two airports in the United States. It can pick a face in a crowded crowd to determine whether he is wanted or not.

Miss Li of gmtlight said, "When I go home, I always open the door through face recognition. You don't need keys or cards. Face recognition is really very convenient."

In the current society, frequent cases of burglary, robbery, wounding and other cases occur. In view of this reason, security doors have begun to enter thousands of households and bring peace to families. However, with the development of society, technological progress, the acceleration of pace of life and the increase of consumption level, people's expectations for homes are getting higher and higher, and the requirements for convenience are becoming more and more urgent. The traditional anti-theft door based on pure mechanical design, in addition to strong and durable, is difficult to quickly meet these emerging needs: convenient, open door recording and other functions. Face recognition technology has been widely recognized, but its application threshold is still very high, a little expensive.

Face recognition products have been widely used in finance, justice, army, public security, frontier inspection, government, aerospace, power, factories, education, medical treatment and many enterprises and institutions. With the further maturity of technology and the improvement of social identity, face recognition technology will be applied in more fields.

1. Safety and management of enterprises and residential buildings. For example, face recognition entrance guard attendance system, face recognition anti-theft door, etc.

2. Electronic passport and ID card. China's electronic passports program, Ministry of public security, is stepping up its planning and implementation.

3. Public security, justice and criminal investigation. For example, face recognition system and network are used to search and arrest fugitives nationwide.

4. Self-service &Information security. Such as computer login, e-government and e-commerce. In e-commerce, all transactions are completed online, and many approval processes in e-government have also been moved to the Internet. At present, the authorization of transaction or approval is realized by password. If the password is stolen, the security can not be guaranteed. However, the use of biological characteristics can achieve the unification of digital identity and real identity of the parties on the Internet, thus greatly increasing the reliability of e-commerce and e-government systems.

"Face recognition is applied to work widely, can effectively ensure that the responsibility to people, traceability, technological progress to make management more effective, more rigorous. Gmtlight applies face recognition to the inspection of production in workshops, so that product quality and personnel responsibility can be recorded and queried. "Mr. Niu, gmtlight


“我们刚刚谈到北京大兴国际机场采用人脸识别技术,实际上,人脸识别技术已经广泛应用于方方面面。比如gmtlight考勤打卡就是人脸识别。” 牛先生,gmtlight。












“人脸识别应用到工作中,可以有效保证责任到人,可追溯,技术的进步让管理更有效,更严密。gmtlight把人脸识别应用到生产车间,让产品质量与人员责任有记录,可查询。” 牛先生,gmtlight

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