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Double Ninth Festival: What are the customs of Chongyang Festival?

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Note: Many festivals in China follow the lunar calendar algorithm.September 9 is the common name of the traditional Chinese fe

Many festivals in China follow the lunar calendar algorithm.

September 9 is the common name of the traditional Chinese festival, Double Ninth Festival. The Double Ninth Festival, also known as the Ninth Festival, Sunning the Autumn Festival, and "Taqiu". The celebration of the Double Ninth Festival usually includes activities such as going out to enjoy autumn, climbing high and overlooking, viewing chrysanthemums, planting dogwood everywhere, eating the Double Ninth Cake and drinking chrysanthemum wine. On the 9th day of September of the lunar calendar every year, it is called the four traditional festivals for ancestors in China, together with the New Year's Eve, the Qingming Festival and the Zhongyuan Festival. Chongyang Festival, which had been formed as early as the Warring States Period, was officially designated as a folk festival in the Tang Dynasty. Since then, it has been inherited from dynasties to the present.

What are the customs of Chongyang Festival?

Height-climbing tourism began in the Eastern Han Dynasty. There are many poems about climbing high in Tang Dynasty, most of which are about the custom of Chongyang Festival. Du Fu's seven-law "climbing high" is a famous poem about climbing high in Chongyang. There are no uniform rules for climbing mountains and towers. There is also the custom of eating "Double Ninth Cake".

Eat Chongyang cake,Chongyang Cake, also known as Flower Cake, Chrysanthemum Cake and Five-color Cake, is shaped like a pagoda. It is also made into two lambs to conform to the meaning of Chongyang (sheep). Modern Double Ninth Cake has no fixed style.

Appreciate chrysanthemum and drink chrysanthemum wine

On the Double Ninth Festival, many people imitated Tao Yuanming, a great poet of the Jin Dynasty. Until the Ming and Qing Dynasties, chrysanthemum wine was very popular.

Fructus Corni

The custom of cutting cornel and wearing chrysanthemum was popular in Tang Dynasty.


From the Northern and Southern Dynasties to the Tang Dynasty, on the day of Chongyang Festival, the imperial bureaucrats not only climbed high to compose poems and held banquets for joy, but also took part in archery, horse-riding and hunting activities. Like Queen Chen, he is addicted to sound and color, but also likes to walk horses and shoot arrows, and hunts again when he is subjugated. By the Tang Dynasty, archery and hunting activities in Chongyang were still popular.

Fly a kite

Kites, also known as "Harriers", have a history of two thousand years in China. There is a sentence in Minnan dialect: "September 9th, the wind whistles all over the sky", which describes the situation of kites flying all over the sky after Chongyang.

Respect for the elderly activities:

Because the homonyms of "99”have long-lasting meanings, there is a saying of longevity. As a result, Chongyang Festival has developed into a "Respect for the Elderly Festival". It is hoped that every elderly person will be rich and have a long life.

In 1975, in order to carry forward the tradition of "respecting the elderly and respecting filial piety", the Ministry of Interior of Taiwan set the Double Ninth Festival as the "Respecting the Elderly Day". Since then, every year on this day, the activities of respecting the elderly have been carried out everywhere to arouse people's attention to the elderly and respect for the elderly.

"The Double Ninth Festival is a traditional festival and a culture of respect for the elderly. Some volunteers of gmtlight hold various public welfare activities every year on the Double Ninth Festival. Mr. Niu, gmtlight


















“重阳节是一个传统节日,也是一种尊老文化。gmtlight的一些志愿者每年重阳节都要举行各种各样的公益活动。” 牛先生,gmtlight

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