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Curtain Lamp Lights Add More Romance to Your Life

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Note: Here we introduce the curtain lamp. The biggest feature of this lamp is energy saving, romance and fashion. It can be us

Here we introduce the curtain lamp. The biggest feature of this lamp is energy saving, romance and fashion. It can be used in festivals or in daily life. Curtain lamp, is a kind of lamp like curtain, or a kind of lamp with curtain as collocation. When we choose curtain lamp, we should not only consider its beauty but also its practicability.

curtain lamp lights

The curtain lamp is mainly composed of a lamp string and a fixed hook; the lamp string is composed of an LED bulb and a wire connected with each other; the fixed hook is an accessory with a clamp wire slot and hook, and the hook is formed above the clamp wire slot. According to a certain shape, the wires on the light string can be fixed in the wire slot, thus assembling various types of curtain lights. When using, the whole curtain light is hung on the frame of the door and window by the hook, and the light bulb on the light string is used to light up, so as to realize the effect of dressing the door and window.

Use method 1 of curtain lamp: decorate bedroom

LED light string is the basic element of curtain light, curtain light is also one of the innovative applications of LED light string. In fact, curtain lights are generally composed of small light strings with different colors, so they can be transformed into many shapes and decorated in various aspects. You can choose a part of curtain light strings, which are hung on both sides of the bedroom curtain and on both sides of the bedroom door. The ceiling can also be matched with some romantic patterns, and the light selection is softer, so that the light comes on at night. It must have been beautiful when I got up.

curtain lamp lights

gmtlight ~ manufacturer of LED curtain light.

Use method II of curtain lamp: decorative bed

If the bed in the bedroom has a bed column or a bed curtain, it can be operated. The curtain and the bed curtain have the same effect. So hang all the small light strings of the curtain light on the bed curtain or the bed curtain, or directly use the light as the bed curtain, and turn on the light at night, just like a waterfall.

Use method 3 of curtain lamp: decorative wall

Curtain lights can also be used to decorate the wall, not only simply hanging on the wall as decoration, but also with some murals or room structures to decorate, and even can be combined into a pattern or letter, which is not only convenient for operation, but also very innovative.

Use method 4 of curtain lamp: decorate window

The use of curtain lights to decorate windows is its main role, but the new method will certainly not be ordinary decoration, not only can be decorated on the window frame, but also can get rid of the independent use of curtains, as curtains, and even can sew special patterns on the curtains. When the curtains are pulled at night, beautiful patterns will appear.

curtain lamp lights

Use method 5 of curtain lamp: Decorative Items

Whether there are several items that can't be used at ordinary times and don't look good, the key is that they can't be lacked. This kind of items are often disharmonious or even eye-catching in the space, so you can use curtain lights to decorate them, wrap them around, create different wind scenes, and decorate them like some toys.

Use method 6 of curtain lamp: decorate balcony

Monotonous balcony also can be very romantic, choose the curtain light string of Pentagram star shape to decorate on one side of the balcony, or on the plants of the balcony, such balcony is very distinctive.

These are just some basic common sense. You can innovate the application of curtain lights to make your life more wonderful. Gmtlight has been working hard.

Curtain Lamp Lights Add More Romance to Your Life

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