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Food Recommendation: Chinese Hamburger "Rougamo"

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Note: Food recommendation: Chinese hamburger rougamoIn fact, rougamo is meat sandwiched in bread.Mr. Wang, who works at gmtlig

Food recommendation: Chinese hamburger "rougamo"


In fact, rougamo is "meat sandwiched in bread(bun)".

Mr. Wang, who works at gmtlight, often has rougamo in his breakfast. He says rougamo is one of the most delicious foods. You wont get tired of eating every day.

The method of breaking up a steamed bun (pancake) and adding ingredients is called Jiamo. The one with meat is called roujiamo, the one with vegetables is called caijiamo, and the one with fat and hot pepper are also called roujiamo.


Rougamo is actually a wonderful combination of two kinds of food: Bacon in sauce and Baiji Bread. The rougamo is a combination of preserved meat and Baiji bread, which is a foil to each other, bringing their taste to the extreme. The steamed meat is crispy, fat but not greasy, with endless aftertaste. It has a long history and is well-known in China. With Baiji Bread, it has a good reputation as a Chinese hamburger. It is well-known at home and abroad and deeply loved by people. It is made of more than 30 kinds of seasonings. Due to the fine selection of seasonings, the fire skill and the use of aged old soup, the prepared meat is distinctive, with red color, fragrant smell, soft glutinous meat, not rotten, full-bodied, mellow and unique flavor.


Another way of saying is that people used to call "roujiamo" as "mojiarou".  So I was in a hurry, It was called "rougamo". It sounded much better.

Another way of saying is that it should be called "mogarou" correctly, but why does the wrong name "rougamo" spread? The deep meaning is that people first put meat in the front and put the bun in the back in order to highlight the flavor and color of the meat in the wax sauce. After a long time of practice, the name of "rougamo" has been popular among the people.

The rougamo is a combination of the meat in the sauce and the baiji bread, which is a foil to each other, bringing their taste to the extreme. It's delicious really. It's loved by Shaanxi people. Living in Chang'an, you can see it everywhere, but you don't think it's valuable. In a foreign country, the most fascinating thing is this delicious rougamo.

Baijimo bread comes from Xianyang. It is made into a cake shape after kneading with good flour. It is slightly baked on the tiedang plate and placed on the side of the furnace. It is baked by the charcoal fire of a plate on the upper and lower sides. It turns over a little while, and the two sides are crispy and yellowish. It is a rare realm to be crisp outside and tender inside. The top grade Baiji bun is fully kneaded and the fire is just right. The baiji bun is like "the heart of chrysanthemum on the back of tiger in an iron circle". Its skin is thin and crisp, and its heart is soft. It can be eaten alone, and tastes better when served with bacon.

The Origin of Rougamo is with same place of terracotta warriors, it's a kind of cultures now.

(Mr Niu, Gmtlight)

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