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A man who has never drunk craft beer is not a real beer man.​

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Note: Can refined beer enter the mainstream? This is worth to do a discussion.The bitterer the brewed beer, the better it sell

Can refined beer enter the mainstream? This is worth to do a discussion.

The bitterer the brewed beer, the better it sells. It comes from the benign self-abuse psychology of human beings.

Not all brands that advertise fine brewing beer or craft beer must be fine brewing beer, some of them are abusive.

craft beer

Beer is not only a kind of energy drink, but also a kind of social drink, a carrier for you to express yourself and be accepted by the society. If you can appreciate a very small group of things, even in a way of self-abuse, then you will get a different kind of satisfaction. That's why the bitterer the brewed beer, the better it sells.

"Plinythe Younger" Indian ale from Pliny Jr. was produced by a local Russian River brewery. The 2009 batch was sold out in a week. In 2010, the 40 barrels disappeared at a rate of 8 hours, making it the No. 1 beer advocate site for beer beer enthusiasts.

Can refined beer enter the mainstream? we are talking about Craft beer.

While big brands such as Budweiser and carlsberg are making their products lighter and lighter, the refined beer industry is busy running in another direction. This kind of beer with a lot of hops, high alcoholicity and bitterness is being praised by more and more people. The United States, Britain, Germany and other traditional beer powers are like this, even Asian countries such as China and Japan have also emerged.

Some people are born with strange tastes: stinky tofu, mouldy cheese... These fantastic foods are not short of fans all over the world. However, people's love of sweetness and hatred of bitterness are the same. From an evolutionary point of view, this makes sense. Many bitter things have no nutritional value, and it's good not to poison people, so this preference actually protects ourselves. If we put something bitter on our tongue, we will spit it out involuntarily or dilute it with a lot of saliva. If some harmless bitter substances were injected directly into the stomach, most people would immediately start to feel nausea.

Can refined beer enter the mainstream? 

From this point of view, bitter beer is a little abnormal just like black coffee, lemon juice and chili pepper. No normal person will deliberately torture himself. So why can we accept and even enjoy these unpleasant tastes?

"The stronger the danger signals your body sends out, the greater the pleasure you get when you're safe and sound."

A man who has never drunk craft beer is not a real beer man.we are talking about craft beer.

For beer, its alcohol can make us very high, which is pleasant. Bitter, strong beers, such as Pliny Junior, have a higher alcohol content than red wine. The pursuit of rich foam may be because it can make those strong flavors mild. Similarly, the stimulation of caffeine is one of the reasons why tea and coffee attract us, just as people can tolerate the spicy tobacco for nicotine.

Beer is also associated with another animal favorite: carbohydrates. Professor Pelca of the Monell Chemical Sensory Center in Philadelphia conducted an experiment in which mice were fed two different flavors, one with carbohydrates, and they soon liked it. Even though those carbohydrates are injected directly into their intestines, they are not eaten at the same time as the fragrance. Pelca and his colleagues also found that if a person was not interested in iced tea, but took a pill that automatically releases carbohydrates in his stomach at the same time as he drank it, he would be interested in iced tea.

Mr. Wang of gmtlight said that since there are users who like refined beer and craft beer, let him conform to the market rules, regardless of whether it is mainstream or not. The same goes for breweries. Why don't they make money? Just kidding, in order to find excitement, try GMTLIGHT's glowing beer cup, which will bring you pleasure just like refined beer.

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