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Bitcoin attracts attention, Libra Coin Coming Irresistibly!

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Note: Bitcoin people are already familiar with it. The value of the currency is like a roller coaster. Recently, there has bee

Bitcoin people are already familiar with it. The value of the currency is like a roller coaster. Recently, there has been a Libra coin. What is it?

"No matter what currency, or what payment methods, such as Alipay, WeChat payment, paypal, credit card, Bitcoin, all users need money firstly, the user's money needs to be earned through labor or hard work, for ordinary people, only through hard work, In order to be free from all kinds of currency games." gmtlight, Mr Niu.

Bitcoin is actually very amazing. It doesn't have a centralized issuer, but it is generated by the calculation of the network node. Anyone can participate in the manufacture of bitcoin, and it can be distributed around the world. It can be connected to the Internet at any one. Buying and selling on the computer, no matter where you are, anyone can dig, buy, sell or charge Bitcoin, and outsiders can't identify the user's identity during the transaction. On January 5, 2009, Bitcoin, which was not controlled by the central bank and any financial institution, was born. Bitcoin is a digital currency consisting of a string of complex code generated by a computer. The new bitcoin is manufactured by a preset program.

What is Libra coin? Libra is a global cryptocurrency built on blockchain to promote financial inclusion. Libra is digital, mobile, stable, fast, cheap and secure.

Libra Coin is the cryptocurrency issued by Facebook. The “Libra Agency” will deposit the reserves into accounts of US dollars, British pounds, Euros, Japanese yen, etc. to ensure the stability of the reserves and the “Literian currency” will not be like the existing cryptocurrency. Highly unstable.

At 5 pm on June 18, 2019, Facebook released the cryptocurrency Libra, and the ambitious Zuckerberg said Libra will be operated by an "independent, non-profit organization" based in Geneva, Switzerland, claiming The goal is to raise 100 participating members, each of which will inject $10 million into the “initial reserve”. In the future, whenever someone converts the common currency into “libacoin” through the Libra system, the Libra reserve will “automatically increase”. The Libra Agency will deposit the reserves into accounts in countries such as US dollars, British pounds, Euros, and Japanese yen to ensure that the stability of the reserves and the "Literian currency" are not as highly unstable as the existing cryptocurrency. Joining the "Lian Li Institution" includes some traditional financial companies and service providers, which means that the "Libra Coin" they call "stablecoins" will be able to be regarded as "real money" in many conventional commercial fields. flower.

Many analysts believe that, given the current situation, in the OECD countries and countries with self-contained electronic payment systems, the prospect of “Libra Coin” is very suspicious, and may follow the footsteps of the PayPal system – indeed, it has become a system, but far from To achieve the original intention of the original designer.

October 14, 2019,

The remaining members of the Libra Association held the first meeting of the organization in Geneva, appointing five new board members, including Xapo CEO Wences Casares, Andreessen Horowitz partner and blockchain leader Katie Haun and Facebook executive David Marcus, Marcus have been the main head of the project so far.

“I think Libra has a very fair side and it seems safer for users. However, whether governments will welcome Libra, this problem is hard to imagine, because Libra has reduced the power of the government to a certain extent. Libra is spawned by market and blockchain technology, but the currency symbolizes sovereignty. Will there be some countries that will issue their own digital currency in accordance with the game mode of “Literature Coin”, which is to be considered.” gmtlight, Mr. Niu.



天秤币又是什么?Libra is a global cryptocurrency built on blockchain to promote financial inclusion. Libra is digital, mobile, stable, fast, cheap and secure.

天秤币是Facebook发布加密货币,“天秤机构”将把储备金存入各国美元、英镑、欧元、日元等的账户,以确保储备金的稳定和“天秤币”不至于像现有加密货币般高度不稳定   。

2019年6月18日下午5时,Facebook发布加密货币天秤币(Libra),雄心勃勃的扎克伯格表示天秤币将由一个“独立、非营利机构”运营,该机构总部设在瑞士日内瓦,宣称其目标是募集100个参与成员,每个成员注入资金1000万美元作为“初始储备”,今后每当有人通过Libra系统将普通货币转换为“天秤币”,Libra储备金将“自动增加”,“天秤机构”将把储备金存入各国美元、英镑、欧元、日元等的账户,以确保储备金的稳定和“天秤币”不至于像现有加密货币般高度不稳定。加盟“天秤机构”的包括一些传统金融企业和服务提供商,这意味着被他们称作“稳定币”(stablecoins)的“天秤币”将可以在许多常规商业领域当作“真金白银”来花  。



天秤币协会余下的成员日内瓦举行了该组织的首届会议,任命了5名新的董事会成员,其中包括Xapo CEO文斯·卡萨雷斯(Wences Casares)、Andreessen Horowitz合伙人和区块链负责人凯蒂·豪恩(Katie Haun)和Facebook公司高管大卫·马库斯(David Marcus),马库斯到目前为止一直是该项目的主要负责人。

“我觉得天秤币有非常公平性的一面,对于用户来讲似乎更安全一些。但是,各国政府是否会欢迎天秤币,这个问题很难想象,因为天秤币在一定程度上减少了政府的权力。天秤是市场和区块链技术催生的,但货币象征着主权,会不会有一些国家会按照“天秤币”的游戏模式来发行自己的数字货币,有待考量。”gmtlight, 牛先生。

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