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What are the test principles of RoHS?

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Note: What are the test principles of RoHS?According to the requirements of the EU WEEEROHS directive, the qualified third-par

What are the test principles of RoHS?

According to the requirements of the EU WEEE & ROHS directive, the qualified third-party testing agency in China is to separate the products according to the materials, and test the harmful substances with different materials. In general:

·Four harmful metal elements (CD, CD, Pb, Pb, Hg, Hg, Cr6 + hexavalent chromium) shall be tested for metal materials

·In addition to these four harmful heavy metal elements, brominated flame retardant (PBB / PBDE) should also be tested for plastic materials

·At the same time, it is also necessary to test the heavy metals of different packaging materials (94 / 62 / EEC)

The following are the upper limit concentrations specified for six hazardous substances in RoHS:

Cadmium: less than 100ppm

Lead: less than 1000ppm

Less than 3500ppm in steel alloy

Less than 4000ppm in aluminum alloy

Less than 40000 ppm in copper alloy

Mercury: less than 1000ppm

Hexavalent chromium: less than 1000ppm

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