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Why do Chinese children like McDonald's?

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Note: Why do Chinese children like McDonald's?Is this sign the same color as the Chinese flag? Five star red flag has a hi

Why do Chinese children like McDonald's?

Is this sign the same color as the Chinese flag? Five star red flag has a high position in the mind of Chinese children. Is that the reason?

McDonald's is a large transnational chain restaurant in the world. It was founded in Chicago in 1955 and has about 30000 branches in the world. Mainly sell hamburgers, as well as chips, fried chicken, soda, ice, salad, fruit and other fast food.

McDonald's has about 32000 stores in 119 countries on six continents, representing an American lifestyle in many countries. As the first and largest transnational fast food chain, McDonald's has been the fast food culture represented by the focus of public discussion on food leading to obesity, corporate ethics and consumer responsibility, and has been accused of affecting public health, such as high calorie leading to obesity, and lack of sufficient balanced nutrition. Many people criticized it as junk food. France is proud of its own food culture, many people are hostile to McDonald's, as a representative of the invasion of American lifestyle. In the United States, there is a McDonald's branch near every highway exit. In addition, it also provides wireless Internet service. McDonald's happy meal presents free giving toys, such as Disney movie character dolls, which are attractive to children.

Why do Chinese children like McDonald's? This is mainly due to his comprehensive corporate culture.

McDonald's environment is different from the Chinese snack bar. The McDonald's, where the cleaners are constantly dragging the floor, is playing melodious pop music, which is different from the wonton restaurant, which is full of oil stains.

McDonald's health is a trustworthy space. McDonald's has the so-called "Q, s, C + V" spirit, "C" in "C + V" means clean environment, which mainly includes: the shop must be clear and clean, the environment decoration is comfortable and elegant, strict manufacturing and service health standards, and good mental outlook of the staff. Take its hygiene standard as an example, the regulation is very strict: the staff can't keep long hair, the female staff must wear the hair net, the shop is not allowed to sell cigarettes and newspapers, the appliances must all be made of stainless steel. Ask customers to pick up the paper as soon as they drop it in the shop. As for the staff's manners, a set of behavioral norms has been formulated, such as unified clothing, speaking style, unable to quarrel with customers, etc., and even stipulated that it is better to walk up and clean than to rest against the wall.

McDonald's production aesthetics is a clean production aesthetics. Here, we will not allow any dish that defiles its reputation to damage its brand.

More often, it tends to be an extremely conservative approach, that is, to get a kind of value stability by giving up radical innovation. Although McDonald's products can basically be called the stereotype, they are constantly changing. Through a few classic food choices, McDonald's provides consumers with such a message: willing to be hooked. Choice is an obstacle to the efficiency principle. In McDonald's, everything is simple and to the point. There is no need for complicated menus and ordering. There is no need for a long time to wait. The four fingers of the salesmen are flying. Their communication of customer requirements will make the whole assembly line run at full speed.

McDonald's operation mode and its success embody the victory of scientific rationality. In fact, almost all social institutions (such as education, sports, politics and Religion) are adopting the operation principles of McDonald's. McDonald's has become a model of the whole world. They are all irreversible McDonald's: acceleration, convenience and anti intellectualization. In an increasingly high-speed society, McDonald's is a kind of high calorie food, which means that only a small amount of food can meet the energy consumption of the body in a day. In addition, it's easy to eat in the hall or take out. In addition, you don't have to face a full menu, which is hard to get down. Everything is ready to stop. The only thing you need to wait for is the customers who come to you.

In particular, McDonald's branch (called "Deli speed" in China) is set up beside the highway in the United States. By using modern communication means such as walkie talkies, customers can basically "hand in money and pick up goods". At the door of McDonald's, the operators of McDonald's headquarters and branches set up a children's Park for children to eat and play. In order to attract customers, especially "repeat customers", almost every shop has a cute "McDonald's uncle" doll image, or standing at the door of McDonald's hall or sitting at the door of McDonald's restaurant.

McDonald's rarely wastes.

"A great company is no accident. When approaching McDonald's, you can't find fault for him. Not only children like it, but also Chinese adults often visit McDonald's. Chinese restaurants in China have learned a lot from McDonald's in recent years, so their business is very good. McDonald's is a textbook, just like Haidilao in China, which is already a culture, a world-class culture. " gmtlight, Mr. Niu.

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