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A little headband is very important for athletes

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Note: A little headband is very important for athletes,why?Headband is often used in sports. It can not only absorb sweat, b

A little headband is very important for athletes,why?


Headband is often used in sports. It can not only absorb sweat, but also fix hair.


Headband can be made of various materials, including cotton polyester, high count double strand cashmere, high elastic fiber and so on. Colors can be made into many kinds, black, red, blue, white, orange, or other customized colors. The prerequisite is soft, breathable, sweat absorption, and color retention.

The regular size of headband is 5 * 17cm, which basically conforms to all kinds of headbands. Of course, customers can also set their own size.

The original function of headband is to fix the hair, prevent the hair from covering the eyes during the movement, and make the vision wider. Headband generally has good air permeability and sweat absorption. Its main function is to absorb sweat. In basketball, football, tennis and other large-scale sports, the forehead will sweat a lot to avoid sweat to the eyes, which also directly affects the vision, and then affects the state of sports.

And in outdoor sports such as mountaineering and cross-country, due to the relationship of strenuous exercise, the human head is hot and sweaty, which is quite different from the outside temperature. At this time, wearing a hat will feel sultry, and not wearing a hat will get a cold. If you tie a headband around your forehead, it's perfect. It's not only warm and cold, but also a good decoration.

Many sports stars wear headbands, which has become a "headband culture", and the headband has become a carrier of personality. You see, Iverson Anthony, Carter, Wallace and so on all like wearing headbands. Headband has become an indispensable scenic spot in NBA and a fashion symbol.

Even many beautiful girls take headband as a kind of beautiful and fashionable decoration.

Headband - practical and fashionable sports equipment, used to make gifts, gifts, promotional products, not only to give people a favorite gift, but also to give people a healthy and positive spirit of sports!

The production methods of logo include embroidery, weaving Mark, printing mark, heat transfer printing, hot stamping, drop molding, etc.

LED light headband

led light head band

headband with led light inside

Sports are happy, with a headband, sweating is no longer embarrassing. gmtlight sporting goods factory can customize a variety of professional sports headbands for users, or install LED lights in the headbands, so that the headbands have one more function at night.







很多体育明星都戴头带,这已形成为一种“头带文化”,头带成为了彰显个性的载体。你看艾佛森 安东尼、卡特、华莱士等等都喜欢戴头带。戴头带已经成了NBA一道不可或缺的风景线,成了一种时尚的标志。





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