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Outstanding calligraphy artist ~ Lu Wentian

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Note: Calligraphy of Chinese characters is the original performance art of Han nationality, which is known as: wordless poetry

Calligraphy of Chinese characters is the original performance art of Han nationality, which is known as: wordless poetry, dance without lines, painting without pictures, music without sound, etc. Mr. Lu Wentian inherited and developed Chinese calligraphy. He integrated culture, nature and life with brush and ink, and gave Chinese calligraphy and painting life.

Photo of Outstanding calligraphy artist ~ Lu Wentian

Chinese culture has a long history. Characters are one of the most important elements of Chinese culture. Calligraphy refers to the writing rules of characters and symbols. Calligraphy is a unique artistic form of writing beauty in China and the surrounding countries and regions deeply influenced by Chinese culture. Including Chinese calligraphy, Mongolian calligraphy, Arabic calligraphy and English calligraphy. Its "Chinese calligraphy" is a unique traditional art of Chinese characters.

According to the characteristics and meanings of the characters, Lu Wentian integrates the writing style, structure and composition of the book, making a piece of Xuan paper a beautiful work of art.

We have arranged the brief introduction of Lu Wentian, an outstanding calligraphy artist.

Outstanding calligraphy artist ~ Lu Wentian

Lu Wentian, pseudonym: Shulin, Guteng, the master of the ancient ink room, was fond of calligraphy art since childhood. He learned from Wang Xizhi, Yan Lugong, Zhao Songxue and other famous ancient calligraphers. He never stopped in linchi for a long time, but learned from the ancient but not from the ancient. At the same time, he continued to study the calligraphic style of modern celebrities. After more than 30 years of continuous efforts, the level of calligraphy art has made great progress, and gradually formed its own style characteristics. 

Calligraphy works have participated in national exhibitions for many times, and have been repeatedly selected and awarded awards. The works have been collected by art galleries all over the country, and their names and works have been included in the international hard pen book The dictionary of Dharma and the dictionary of contemporary calligraphers, painters and seal carvers in the world. The history of Chinese hard brush calligraphy, the masterpiece of Chinese contemporary calligraphy art talents and the exhibition of famous works of contemporary calligraphy and painting were jointly evaluated as the world's top calligrapher by 16 units including China Calligraphy Association, China Art Association, the World Association of Chinese calligraphy and painting experts to promote art, the World Association of calligraphers and painters, and the center of Chinese cultural development. In 2002, they passed the people's Republic of China Ministry of affairs, isq qualification certification of the Committee of the Department of Arts and woodsmen of China Talent Research Association, and won the title of outstanding calligraphy artist. He is now a member of Inner Mongolia Calligraphy Association, academician of Shanghai Puzhi calligraphy and Painting Institute, member of Chinese Calligraphy Artists Association, director of China hard pen calligraphy association, and first level calligraphy art member of the artists' Department Committee of China Talent Research Association of the Ministry of personnel of the people's Republic of China.

Lu Wentian is a academician of Beijing Renhe painting and Calligraphy Institute, a member of the painting and calligraphy art professional committee of China National Architecture Research Association, and a academician of the great Oriental painting and Calligraphy Institute.

Lu Wentian's works:

Outstanding calligraphy artist ~ Lu Wentian

Teacher Lu Wentian's work: good as water

Outstanding calligraphy artist ~ Lu Wentian

Teacher Lu Wentian's work: harmony makes money

Outstanding calligraphy artist ~ Lu Wentian

Teacher Lu Wentian's works

Outstanding calligraphy artist ~ Lu Wentian

Mr. Lu Wentian

More about Mr. Lu Wentian's works, we will show them on this website.

If you love the art of Outstanding calligraphy artist ~ Lu Wentian, Please contact us.

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