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Breakthrough in the research of high speed maglev train in China

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Note: Breakthrough in the research of high speed maglev in China,good news for technology. And this will improve the traffic a

Breakthrough in the research of high speed maglev in China,good news for technology. And this will improve the traffic a lot.

high speed maglev train

gmtlight, according to Xinhua news agency, learned from the second Zhejiang International Intelligent Transportation Industry Expo future transportation conference that is being held that China's high-speed maglev train research has made breakthrough progress and has the foundation to start the construction of high-speed test line and the subsequent industry landing.

Outside the venue of Hangzhou International Expo Center, we can see the actual high-speed maglev train with a design speed of 600 km / h. from the appearance, its head is longer than the existing high-speed rail train, the interior of the carriage is clean and bright, and the number of seats can be adjusted according to the market demand.

It is understood that the research and development project of CRRC 600 km / h high-speed maglev was launched in July 2016. After three years of technical research, the research team successfully broke through the key core technologies of high-speed maglev series, and the research and development of core subsystems such as vehicle, traction, operation control communication, etc. made important achievements.

According to Zhang Zhiqiang, designer of CRRC Qingdao Sifang Rolling Stock Co., Ltd., as a new high-speed traffic mode, high-speed maglev train has the advantages of fast speed, large starting acceleration, strong climbing ability, etc., which can not only play a speed advantage in long and long trunk line traffic, but also be applicable to the application of fast start and stop in short and medium distance, greatly improving the efficiency of urban commuting, promoting urban agglomeration "Integration", "urbanization" and "commuting" development among cities.

"China now has more than 20000 kilometers of high-speed railway, with a speed of 350 kilometers per hour. I think it's very convenient, fast and comfortable. If we upgrade the speed to 600 kilometers per hour, it's almost like an airplane. I'm looking forward to it. " Mr. Niu, gmtlight.

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