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Leo wants to win too much and won't give up if it loses

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Note: Leo wants to win too much and won't give up if it loses. The article is correct as well, my wife is Leo, just like w

Leo wants to win too much and won't give up if it loses. The article is correct as well, my wife is Leo, just like what is mentioned here. If you will merry a girl, It's lucky if she is not Leo.

There are two parts of correct operation: the first part is to admit mistakes, the second part is to correct mistakes, the first part is to show attitude, the second part is to show action force. It seems that the operation of these two parts is not so difficult, but for Leo, it is really too difficult. The lion would rather be wrong and lose face in front of the world than be old Really admit the mistake, treat the mistake, the attitude is so bad, should this pot really throw to constellation?

The fifth house of the zodiac, the mask of life in drama

Leo is in charge of the fifth house of the zodiac. The fifth house shows some entertainment related information, which represents the instinctive happiness. The fifth house is also called love house, which contains too many romantic and childish contents that do not fit the reality. And Leo is in charge of this position, which also leads to Leo people's expectation of dramatic life, and they will ignore reality and disrespect facts. Many Leo people don't care about their own conditions and the external environment surrounding them. They have an innate confidence that no matter what their conditions and abilities are, they will always live in the cloud and be different from ordinary people. Never have the courage to take off the mask of the king, face your real face, wearing the mask for a long time really feel that you will never make mistakes.

Fire is like a constellation, with a hard mouth and a soft heart

Leo is a fixed constellation in the fire sign. It has the characteristics of hard mouth and soft heart. The problem of hard mouth is needless to say. Soft heart is divided into two levels. The first level is easy to be moved, with the desire to protect the weak and small. The other level is not strong enough inside, at least not as strong as it appears. The mind is very fragile and can not accept criticism. Although Leo is also very concerned about fairness and justice, which is a sign with a sense of justice, it can't deal with problems in the right way even if it is clear about right and wrong. There are two reasons why the lion can't admit his mistakes. One is to protect his fragile mind and cover up his inner panic with a strong attitude. The other is to knowingly make mistakes and know that it's not right to throw the pot. He doesn't want to be a person without responsibility, but he can't change it.

Masculine sign, strong and overbearing

Leo is a masculine sign. It has the strong characteristics of masculine signs. It's competitive, but it's also a double sign. Because it wants to win too much, it won't give up if it loses. It will always find one reason or another for itself, that is, it's not willing to bow in front of people, and it's embarrassing to die, but at least it's not a little faceless. I'm afraid it's too ugly to tear the face, so it's hard to survive It's childish to think that all those who give opinions to themselves are enemies, and that they are strong enough to fight against each other to the end. If they can suppress each other in momentum, they will not lose.

Guardian sun, I'm the best

Leo's guardian star is the sun, which makes Leo go too far. He only sees his own advantages, but not his shortcomings. He thinks that he is the center of the world. Right and wrong should be defined by himself, and what others say is not counted. Therefore, whether he is reasonable or not, he feels that he is the best. I should have accepted the opinions modestly, but I don't think anyone's opinions are worthy of my own adoption. It's more like an emperor dressed in new clothes who likes to force others to praise him. It is a kind of self-confident attitude to think not to admit mistakes, which will make you optimistic enough, but I don't know how to be self defeating. It is blind to have no genuine optimism and self-confidence.

To the palace water bottle, rain girl has no melon to be herself

Aquarius is the opposite sign of Leo. There are some characteristics of Aquarius in Leo, such as being aloof and not caring about others' opinions about themselves. But this is the real attitude of Aquarius. When you put it in Leo, it becomes a representation. You don't care about it on the surface, but you are very tangled. You especially expect to be praised and appreciated by others, but you have to force yourself to perform very well It doesn't matter. It doesn't matter if you are criticized when you are wrong. It doesn't matter if you are wrong. You won't correct your mistakes in order to please anyone. It's the coolest thing to stick to your attitude. No matter what others think, you should be brave. In fact, you just don't have the courage to admit your mistakes.

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