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Star Wars is not just a movie, it's a milestone

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Note: Star Wars tells the story of Luke Skywalker's adventures as a Jedi warrior.Watching Star Wars is one of the most exc

Star Wars tells the story of Luke Skywalker's adventures as a Jedi warrior.

"Watching Star Wars is one of the most exciting memories of my youth. It's not just a movie, it's a milestone. " Peter Jackson.

The great success of Star Wars was immediate, with the premiere box office reaching $1.554 million. Within three weeks of its release, fox's share price doubled in the 20th century. Prior to that, fox's highest annual profit was $37 million, while in 1977, the company's annual profit increased to $79 million. Finally, Star Wars grossed $460998007 in the U.S. and $337 million overseas, with a total of nearly $800 million.

"There are three innovations in Star Wars: first, it's dynamic and very smooth. Lucas is an excellent editor, so he is very used to using clips to conceive; second, the details are not only very detailed and accurate, but also have the sense of space's open beauty in 2001 Space Odyssey, but also use the speed of light to propel, so you can see the stars flying around; third, the movie's The setting is very three-dimensional and deep. " James Cameron.

"Lucas is a wanderer, a simple and innocent wanderer. It's this innocence, this fantasy of romance, that makes Star Wars so fresh, so interesting, so whimsical. " Time magazine review

"It's by far the most complicated, expensive and wonderful movie." New York Times.

Star Wars ranked fifth among the "50 Greatest science fiction films" selected by the old British film magazine total film.

In order to help people remember the highlights of star wars, gmtlight has created an ultimate version of star wars sword, exquisite metal handle, rechargeable power supply, combined with ultra bright LED lights, which can be described as the summit.


“观赏《星球大战》是我少年时期最令人兴奋的回忆之一。那不只是一部电影,它是一个里程碑。” 彼得·杰克逊评。

《星球大战》的巨大成功立竿见影,首映票房达到155.4万美元。在影片上映的3周内,20世纪福克斯公司的股价翻了一倍。在此之前,福克斯公司的最高年盈利为3700万美元,而在1977年,该公司的全年盈利增至7900万。 最终,《星球大战》全美票房达到460,998,007美元,其海外票房也达到了3亿3千7百万美元,总票房接近8亿美元。 




英国老牌电影杂志《完全电影》(TOTAL FILM)评选的“最伟大五十部科幻电影”中,《星球大战》居第五位。


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