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Chinese calligraphy is a silent music

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Note: Calligraphy culture is an important element of Chinese culture. Many calligraphy lovers and collectors are working in gm

Calligraphy culture is an important element of Chinese culture. Many calligraphy lovers and collectors are working in gmtlight, and maintains good cooperation with many calligraphers. In 2020, gmtlight organized famous calligraphers in China to hold a party to welcome the 2020 new year. Many calligraphers created on site, some of which are classic works. Mr. Niu of gmtlight interviewed Mr. Huilin, a master of Chinese calligraphy, who described the history of Chinese calligraphy.

chinese calligraphy is a silent music

Chinese calligraphy is a wordless poem, a dance without lines; a picture without pictures, a silent music.

The art of Chinese calligraphy began in the generation of Chinese characters, "the sound cannot be transmitted in different places, but left in different times, so the characters are born.". Words are the traces of meaning and sound. " As a result, words are produced. The first works of calligraphy are not words, but some descriptive symbols - pictographs or pictographs.

chinese calligraphy is a silent music

The symbols of Chinese characters first appear on pottery. The initial characterization symbols only represent a general concept of chaos, and have no exact meaning.

More than 8000 years ago, Cishan and feiligang cultures appeared in the Yellow River Basin Area. There are many kinds of character symbols on the hand-made ceramics unearthed in Feiligang. This kind of symbol is the chaotic combination of the communication function, the record function and the pattern decoration function of the ancestors. Although these characters are not recognizable by the modern people, they are indeed the rudiments of Chinese characters.

chinese calligraphy is a silent music

Then, at the Banpo site of Yangshao culture about six thousand years ago, some simple painted pottery with similar characters was unearthed. These symbols are different from patterns, which push forward the development of Chinese characters. This can be said to be the origin of Chinese characters.

Then there are Erlitou culture and Erligang culture. In Erlitou cultural archaeological excavation, there are twenty-four kinds of pottery tablets with marks, some of which are similar to the oracle bone inscriptions of Yin Ruins, all of which are single and independent characters. Erligang culture has found a written system. Three bones with characters have been found here, two with one character each and one with ten characters each, which seems to be carved for practice. This makes civilization a big step forward.

chinese calligraphy is a silent music

The origin of primitive characters is an imitation instinct, which is used to image a specific thing. Although it is simple and chaotic, it has a certain aesthetic interest. This kind of simple writing can be called prehistoric calligraphy.

Chinese calligraphy has a long history, the evolution of calligraphy, calligraphy art is charming. From Jiaguwen and Jinwen to Dachuan, Xiaozhuan and Lishu, and to the cursive script, kaishu and Xingshu in the Eastern Han, Wei and Jin Dynasties, calligraphy has always exuded unique artistic charm.

From hieroglyphs to oracle bone inscriptions, the calligraphy evolution in Shang, Zhou, spring and Autumn period, Han Dynasty, Tang Dynasty, Song Dynasty, yuan and Ming Dynasties, and Qing Dynasty.

chinese calligraphy is a silent music

Chinese calligraphy has become one of the world's cultural treasures. Chinese calligraphy is an art, an art with collection value, and an art that can speak.

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