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Creative moment of solar energy swing flip flap ladybug

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Note: Creative moment of solar energy swing ladybug (gmtlight)Ladybug culture exists in both the East and the West.In Christia

Creative moment of solar energy swing ladybug (gmtlight)

Ladybug culture exists in both the East and the West.

flip flap ladybug

In Christian symbolism, ladybugs are often associated with the Virgin Mary. This connection comes from ladybug's protection of plants, which are natural enemies of garden pests.

In Chinese symbolism, ladybug is very auspicious and considered to be very lucky. There is a folklore that if Ladybug falls on your clothes, your true love will come. The number of spots on a ladybug indicates how many months of intense pursuit you will go through before meeting true love. If there are two ladybugs in your sight, you will make a lot of money in the next year.

Ladybug is a common symbol of friendship, because it is a natural helper in the garden, living in harmony with nature and gardener, and children like it very much.

flip flap ladybug

Do you know why Ladybug has spots? It's about protection. This is a warning to the predators with a threatening message. In essence, this bright and unique pattern is a very cool concept.

Most small animals are cleverly camouflaged in order not to be found. The little ladybug is bold and chooses bright and brass hues. In essence, ladybug's gorgeous colors and markings are a challenge to potential threats. Some people's tattoo ideas coincide.

Do you want to be brave and bold? Can't you show your bright colors? If so, ladybugs are your energetic allies and role models.

The design concept of the solar energy rocking Ladybug comes from its culture. It uses solar energy to realize dynamic nature. The base is equipped with solar IC interface, which directly converts sunlight or light into electric energy, making the pole swing up.

A ladybug fell there, shaking the branches, full of life and vitality, no care, no batteries, new vision, new mood, natural energy.

flip flap ladybug

Put it on the table, in the company meeting room or in a corner of the home, can add a bit of pleasure, let the mood swing with the leaves, but also relaxed. Mr. Niu of gmtlight thinks that no matter the shape, texture or design concept, it is very ingenious. It's a good gift or promotion.

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