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How much do you know about Chinese women's skirts?

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Note: How much do you know about the story of Chinese women's skirts?In the eyes of the people of the world, the Chinese a

How much do you know about the story of Chinese women's skirts?

In the eyes of the people in the world, the Chinese women are conservative. This idea may be the past. In this paper, we talk about the unknown stories under Chinese women's pomegranate skirts.

Professional data shows: "the extramarital love of Chinese women is the highest proportion in the world. about one in every 7.5 wives in China has cheated"

We analyze it from two aspects: unhappy marriage and happy marriage.

An unhappy marriage

The reasons may be different, but there are three reasons for seeking the source of fixed cost:

First, there was a lack of emotional education in the teenage years.

When a girl is in love, no one guides her to fall in love blindly. The school and the parents only know how to stop the early love, but they are not responsible for educating the girls about what love is, what marriage is, how to choose the other half and how to distinguish the bad guys. Thirty years on, schools and parents owe a lesson in emotional education to women.

Second, the right age women are forced to marry, many girls do not marry the right person.

Third, the couple's life is not harmonious.

There are a lot of people in China's asexual marriage families. There are many reasons for this, but the misunderstanding of sex and the lack of communication between husband and wife should account for a large proportion.

Research shows that 70% of Chinese couples don't love each other, and the data is amazing.

In fact, if you think about it, you can understand that if you don't know how to choose a mate or what you want, you will not have a happy marriage. Unfortunately, there are many reasons why women in marriage do not choose divorce, such as children, parents, economic sources, public opinion and so on. As one of my female classmates said: it takes courage to divorce.

Extramarital affairs are not simply a matter of loyalty to unfaithfulness. Some marriages may not be worthy of loyalty, and extramarital affairs may be a supplement to incomplete marriages.

What is a happy marriage?

In 1930, Lu Xun's "mourning for the past" said: "love must always be renewed, grown and created." The two people who love each other again will return to their families after their passion, or face the pots and pans of firewood, rice, oil and salt. Modern women struggle in the workplace, and it's countless housework to go back, plus the pressure to educate children, we can imagine. If at this time the husband can't understand, don't take up the handle, or give a shoulder, the woman's heart gap will be very big, and she will be tired after a long time.

Some people say that women are soft and easy to coax. If in a marriage, the husband can pay more attention to his wife, take some time to share education and housework, listen to her needs, and your wife's emotional satisfaction, how can he cheat.

In "cheating: Rethinking infidelity between husband and wife", Esther perriel points out that the divulging of extramarital affairs forces husband and wife to solve various disturbing problems: what does loyalty mean to us? Why is it important? May I love more than one person at the same time Does passion have a shelf life? Whether there is even a happy marriage can not give satisfaction.

If both sides can discuss some problems in marriage during their love, it is believed that no matter men or women, the rate of cheating will decrease after marriage. As one netizen said: no one owes you a good child if you don't spend time and money to cultivate children; no one owes you a haven if you don't invest time and money to build a family; no one owes you a good lover if you don't invest time and money to communicate feelings.

This generation of women in China has gone through 20 years from extreme conservatism to complete opening up. It's a period of chaotic values. With the healthy development of China's market economy, the new generation's view of mate selection will greatly improve, and the number of Chinese women's skirt stories will also decrease.

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