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Why sex in car under public?

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Note: Why sex in car under public?Chinese people are influenced by Confucian culture, and their sexual behavior is very hidden, even when they are kissing. In fact, they are also crazy.There is an amazing s

Why sex in car under public?

Chinese people are influenced by Confucian culture, and their sexual behavior is very hidden, even when they are kissing. In fact, they are also crazy.

There is an amazing scene on the Internet. A taxi shakes when driving on road in Shanghai. Many passing cars watch and take photos and upload them to the Internet. A couple of men and women from America doing sex in car in the taxi, ignored the driver is still in front of the car. They just got off the plane,  can't seem to wait.

The time is morning of September 1, 2013.

Witnesses said that at that time, the foreign female passengers in the car took the initiative to kiss the male companion. Due to the limited space in the car, the female passengers sat down on the male passengers and swayed up and down emotionally, causing many cars to stop and watch.

The netizen said: "at the beginning, I just saw two people are more intimate, so I didn't capture the whole process, and I didn't dare to make a lot of publicity. I was afraid that someone would get off the car and beat me. The specific process was too explicit. ". The taxi driver's face is green, and the driver of the bus next door saw it clearly because of the height advantage. "

Every move in the car attracted the eyes of other drivers on the road. Netizens said that you have considered the feelings of drivers! Some witnesses said that this action had a very bad impact, corrupted morality and damaged weathering.

If you will do sex in car, there should not be third party.

It's better to park in an unattractive place, such as a corner of the parking lot or a shelter. Learn to develop "new attractions" yourself. However, it's better not to go to places that are too dark or too remote for fear of any danger unless you are familiar with them. Also pay attention not to stop where other people get in and out of the way. Otherwise, when you have a high tide, someone honks his horn or knocks on the door to let you out of the way, it's too bad.

it is better not to park your car near the road, or it will make you uneasy. Of course, it's not good to stop in a place that is easy to flash. In case of strange situations such as creditors and old lovers, they are blocked when they want to sex. Also, be sure to park in a safe place, not in a place prone to flooding, or under trees or on slopes during thunderstorms.

Although the scenery is good and the atmosphere is good, you should be careful about your safety and remember to use condoms. if not familiar with each other, It's better to be cautious.

sex in car

It is better to use the negative ion air purifier in the car to ensure the air quality in a narrow space. In addition, solar energy should be used for a long time so as not to consume the power of the car itself.

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