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The things what is necessary and interesting in my car

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Note: The number of cars is increasing, cars make a closer distance between people. As the time we spent in the car became longer and longer, some interesting things become more. As a 10-year-old driver, I

The number of cars is increasing, cars make a closer distance between people. As the time we spent in the car became longer and longer, some interesting things become more. As a 10-year-old driver, I wanna talk about the things that appeared in my car.

I don't really like to fill the car with too many things, but something that is particularly useful is still necessary. I remember when I bought the first car in my life, I prepared the first batch of equipment for it, including a special seat cover and footpads, and spherical aromatherapy installed on the air outlet of the air conditioner. The choice of people may be the same. I remember even buying a steering wheel cover. After using it, I was still worried that it would affect safety, and eventually, I gave up.

When I got my second car, I prepared some practical car equipment for it with my past experience. I think these are worth talking:

First of all, I have never used the liquid perfume in the car, because of I neither like that glass objects in the car nor these overly fragrant things. If you want to make the car taste better, you can choose solid aromatherapy. Of course, it is also important to keep the car clean and ventilated. Although the principle of in-vehicle aromatherapy is very simple, the producers have racked their brains to design various interesting shapes for them, such as the one with a propeller below, and the solar panel above it can allow the small propeller to rotate continuously using sunlight, Inside this exquisite small metal shell is an aromatherapy, and I can choose different aromatherapy aromas, much better than the one I used in the first car in the past.

Propeller shaped solar car fragrance box

The second thing is related to changing the air quality in the car. Yes, I am talking about the car air purifier. With it, whether it is bad air outside the car or someone smoking in the car, the purifier can keep the air in the car as fresh as possible. At present, the more common purifiers provide power through two methods, one uses solar energy, and the other can be powered by the 12V power supply in the car. Both methods are relatively easy to obtain. I am particularly interested in solar-powered purifiers because sunlight will always provide energy to it. When I return to the car again, I can breathe clean air without waiting. My brother just installed a purifier in his car. He said that this thing is too important when driving a long journey.

Solar power car air purifier

The equipment I want to mention next is very important for people who like to travel by car, that is, the air pump for the vehicle. Especially in sparsely populated areas, it can inflate accidentally damaged tires and help people get out of trouble. With the advancement of automotive technology, the accessories on the car are becoming more and more advanced. In addition to the air pump powered by the 12V power supply on the car, there are even mobile portable air pumps that can store electrical energy. This air pump relies on its own stored energy to inflate the tires, and a mini-light is integrated on the fuselage, which is convenient for people to use it at night. It is also very useful in daily life. For example, it can be used to inflate bicycles, footballs, basketballs, swimming rings, etc., which has obvious advantages compared with traditional electric air pumps. This small air pump makes me very excited. Going fishing or going to the beach for vacation will be very convenient, and it will not take up too much storage space.

Portable and rechargeable vehicle air pump

Traveling by car is something that excites me, of course, it doesn't have to be far. If you can find a quiet and comfortable place to park your car, set up a tent, remove everything prepared from the car, and have a relaxing picnic is also a good choice. We can play games happily, enjoy the food we cook, fish by the lake, or take a nap under the trees. At night, we can see the beautiful starry sky. Isn't this the life we want after hard work?

Regarding the things that can be used for driving, I want to talk to my group of brothers who share the same hobbies, and I will share it with you next time.

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