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So small frisbee!!!!!!What are the types of frisbee?

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Note: What are the types of frisbee? What kind of mini Frisbee made of silica gel belong to?Frisbee has a short history. It was invented in the United States in 1948 and became popular in Europe and America

What are the types of frisbee? What kind of mini Frisbee made of silica gel belong to?

Frisbee has a short history. It was invented in the United States in 1948 and became popular in Europe and America in the 1970s. Japan is the first country in Asia to have Frisbee.

At present, Frisbee has more than ten kinds of international competitions. The most popular events are: Ultimate, Disc Golf, Freestyle and Guts.

All kinds of Frisbee can be divided into four categories: team Frisbee, recycling Frisbee, throwing standard frisbee and toy Frisbee

General Frisbee (also known as traditional Frisbee)

That is, the traditional shape of the frisbee. According to the size and weight, it can be divided into three categories: small, medium and large

Small plate. Weight from 80g to 105g for novice, children, basic throwing, teaching games, competitions

Medium plate. Weight controlled by 110g ~ 140g density is the core of this type of Frisbee. It is used for: multiple competitions, throwing training for junior and senior high school students, fancy passing and receiving. It is suitable for fans to use professionally

Large disc. Weight from 150g to 200g, diameter greater than 10.5 inches, mainly used for: team Frisbee Ultimate and freestyle

Each type of Frisbee has its own size and weight matching, that is, weight / diameter, also known as density. Among them, the elasticity of raw materials is also the key factor of plate quality. According to its characteristics, the frisbee is used in various competitions, such as: throwing standard competition, double Frisbee, throwing and catching competition, courage competition, team Frisbee competition, plate and bottle competition, fancy transmission and catching competition, free flower competition, etc

Recovery Frisbee (fastback referred to as FB) ,commonly known as dog Frisbee.

The weight is 90g ~ 140g. (the encrypted Frisbee will be heavier.)

All kinds of FB have different diameters and weights. They have the same diameter & weight, the same diameter & different weights and so on. They are mainly used for: recovery timing, throw and run, recovery throw and run, far accurate throw, K-9 and so on

Throw the accurate plate

Invented by innova in 1983, the disc body is small in diameter and heavy in weight, so it has high density and strong penetrability. According to the needs of the competition, it can be further divided into five types: five types of Frisbee:

DD - distance driver - maximum distance off the tee

FD - fairway driver - when accurate distance is needed

MD - mid range disc - throw the right disc for the job

Ad - approach disc low speeds and consistent flights

PD - putt disc knockout and low speed accurate throw plate

Mainly through the change of raw materials or modeling innovation of all kinds of Frisbee, common toys Frisbee are.

Raw material classification: Dodge Frisbee, foam Frisbee, sponge Frisbee, rubber Frisbee

Modeling classification: hollow flying ring, pyramid disk, light flying disk, tire flying disk, inlaid flying disk

Use of all kinds of interesting Frisbee competitions: Dodge board, all kinds of interesting competitions, performance activities, etc

Fingertip mini silica gel pocket frisbee is popular for all ages at moment, they can be put into pocket and play in any places, with silica elastic materials, also it's a good item to carve logos on it. If you want to know more about pocket frisbee, contact gmtlight.

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