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Do animals have emotions?

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Note: [gmtlight topics]We often see,Animals have anger and fear, which is quite natural.In Animal World in TV,The roaring li

[gmtlight topics]We often see,Animals have anger and fear, which is quite natural.

In Animal World in TV,The roaring lion and the vicious dog also have condition to pick up their tails and slip away.

There is also jealousy and love in the animal kingdom.

Anyone with cat experience knows that if a cat is caressed for too long, it will be attacked by other competitors.

animals emotion

Does this hamster have emotion?

There is also divine love between gorillas. 

A little orangutan often sat there and looked admiringly at his father's face. When they meet their father's caring eyes unexpectedly, their young bodies shudder happily. There is also maternal love in animals, which sometimes manifests itself as a great spirit of devotion.

There is a scene: where six giraffes are grazing and a fierce lion comes at them. Giraffes fled for their lives. But a young deer was slowly falling behind. The DOE saw the danger and stopped: she was no longer feared, although lions often attacked adult giraffes. The female deer, who put her life and death aside, separated the fawn from the hungry lion with her body and beat back the lion's attack with her forelegs again and again. After an hour of tug-and-saw battle, the lion finally gave up the delicious food that had reached his mouth and reluctantly left.

animals emotion

Does this hamster have emotion?

Animal love between males and females

Animal love exists not only between parents and children, but also between young males and females. For example, swans and other geese subfamily animals, there is a widespread love and attachment between males and females, while tiger parrots are the enviable love partners in the animal world.

Excitement and sadness, The emotional world of mammals is much richer and more distinct than that of insects and fish at a lower evolutionary stage. For example, elephants stamp their feet when expressing their happiness.

When two elephants meet suddenly, they run towards each other. After the rendezvous, they will raise their heads high, entangle their long noses with each other, collide with each other's long teeth, and flap their two big ears, stamping and screaming at the same time. That's how they express the pleasure of meeting again. 

Animals also have moments of sadness. Conrad Lorenz, an animal ecologist, confirmed this by studying grey geese. His research shows that if one of the geese couples dies unfortunately, the other who is still alive will only suffer a heavy blow. The poor "undead goose" will be heartbroken. It will become depressed and listless, hanging its head all day, staring blankly at the good old days and unable to extricate itself. They know sorrow and pain just like people do.

To be kind to animals and to life is to be kind to ourselves. Harmony between human beings and animals is the correct direction.

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