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Can hail damage solar panels of lawn lamps?

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Note: Can hail damage solar lawn lamps?Hail is a kind of weather phenomenon, which is most common in summer or at the turn of spring and summer. Hail is some small, such as mung bean, soybean grain; big lik

Can hail damage solar lawn lamps?

solar panels

Hail is a kind of weather phenomenon, which is most common in summer or at the turn of spring and summer. Hail is some small, such as mung bean, soybean grain; big like chestnuts, eggs.

It is also possible for solar lawn lamp to encounter hail weather on outdoor lawn. Can hail damage solar lawn lamps? Let's first understand the structure of solar panels.

Solar panel composition and functions of each part:

(1) The outside is toughened glass: strong impact resistance, can effectively resist the impact of ordinary hail. Its function is to protect the main body of power generation (such as battery), the selection of light transmission is required: the light transmittance of tempered glass is above 91%, which is generally treated by ultra white steel.

(2) EVA: It is used to bond and fix toughened glass and power generation main body (battery). The quality of transparent EVA material directly affects the service life of components. EVA exposed to air is easy to aging and yellowing, thus affecting the light transmittance of components, thus affecting the power generation quality of components. Besides the quality of EVA itself, the laminating process of component manufacturers also has a great impact, such as EVA bonding degree is not up to standard, EVA and steel If the bonding strength of glass and back plate is not enough, it will lead to premature aging of EVA and affect the service life of components. EVA also has a buffering effect.

(3) Solar cell: the main function is to generate electricity. Crystalline silicon solar cells and thin film solar cells are the mainstream in the main power generation market.

solar panels

(4) Back plate: function, sealing, insulation and waterproof. Generally, TPT, TPE and other materials must be aging resistant. Most component manufacturers guarantee for 25 years. Tempered glass and aluminum alloy are generally OK. The key is whether the back plate and silica gel can meet the requirements.

(5) Aluminum alloy: protective laminated parts, play a certain role in sealing and supporting.

(6) Junction box: it protects the whole power generation system and plays the role of current transfer station. If the module is short circuited, the junction box will automatically disconnect the short-circuit battery string to prevent burning out of the whole system. The selection of diodes is the most important in the junction box. According to the type of batteries in the module, the corresponding diodes are also different.

(7) Silica gel: sealing function, used to seal the junction between components and aluminum alloy frame, components and junction box. Some companies use double-sided adhesive tape and foam to replace silica gel. Silica gel is widely used in China. The process is simple, convenient, easy to operate, and the cost is very low.

For natural hail weather, solar panels have multiple preparations, which are usually OK.

(the above is provided by gmtlight solar.)

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