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This Bluetooth light speaker is only $3.99

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Note: This Bluetooth light speaker is only $3.99Let's popularize the knowledge of Bluetooth speakers.Bluetooth speaker refers to the audio equipment with built-in Bluetooth chip, which replaces the trad

This Bluetooth light speaker is only $3.99

Let's popularize the knowledge of Bluetooth speakers.

Bluetooth speaker refers to the audio equipment with built-in Bluetooth chip, which replaces the traditional wire connection by Bluetooth connection, and achieves the purpose of convenient and fast by connecting with Bluetooth playing devices such as mobile phone tablet computer and notebook.

At present, Bluetooth speakers are mainly portable speakers, and their shapes are generally small and portable. Bluetooth speaker technology is gradually valued and accepted by consumers because of its convenience.

Using the transparent plastic shell, pure LED lights are placed in the Bluetooth speaker to form a unique Bluetooth light speaker. While enjoying dynamic music, it can meet the needs of vision.

Unlike other wireless speakers, Bluetooth light speakers have their own unique features

1. Bluetooth light speaker is widely used, easy to connect and carry.

Bluetooth technology specification is unified in the world. Mobile phones, PDAs, wireless headsets, notebook computers, cars, medical equipment, computer peripherals and other devices, as long as you have a Bluetooth adapter, you can easily connect to Bluetooth devices for data transmission or voice communication. It is widely used and has good compatibility.

2. Bluetooth light speaker is easy to operate

Bluetooth technology is an instant technology. It does not require fixed infrastructure, and it is easy to install and set up. It can be connected without cables. It is very convenient to use. It can be put into use by simply completing pairing, and the operation threshold is low.

3. Fast transmission speed for Bluetooth light speaker

Compared with other methods such as infrared, Bluetooth transmission protocol has obvious advantages in speed. The theoretical maximum speed of Bluetooth 4.0 is 24mbps, and the faster speed can ensure higher sound quality, which makes it have enough capacity to carry music with higher bit rate.

4. Moderate transmission distance

Bluetooth transmission distance is generally within 10 meters, just the size of a room, and can be partition wall transmission data, very suitable for home environment.

Although it has many advantages, Bluetooth transmission protocol and other 2.4G devices share the same frequency band signal, which inevitably leads to signal interference. In addition, Bluetooth is not a free technology, and any manufacturer who uses this technology has to pay a royalty to the organization.

This Bluetooth light speaker is only $3.99 li@gmtlight.com 。

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