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Why do Chinese eat with chopsticks?

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Note: Why do Chinese eat with chopsticks?Western food is eaten with knives and forks, while Chinese people use chopsticks more. Is this the difference between East and West? The answer is No. According to h

Why do Chinese eat with chopsticks?

why do chinese eat with chopsticks

Western food is eaten with knives and forks, while Chinese people use chopsticks more. Is this the difference between East and West? The answer is No. According to historical records, 3000 years ago, Chinese also used knives and forks, just like westerners.

Chopsticks are the original tableware in China, which have been used for more than 3000 years. In Chinese people's mind, using chopsticks is more civilized and progressive than using knives and forks.

Historical data show that chopsticks have been recorded in the pre Qin period, the late Warring States period and the Han Dynasty.

The story of King Zhou of Shang Dynasty using chopsticks is well known. In the Shang Dynasty, chopsticks already existed. Six bronze chopsticks were unearthed from tomb 1005 of Yin Ruins in Anyang, Henan Province.

Since then, Chinese people have basically used chopsticks to eat.

In ancient times, the use of chopsticks was very particular.

Chopsticks are also an important carrier of Chinese culture. It is round at one end and square at the other. The circle symbolizes heaven and the square represents land acquisition. This is the most simple understanding of nature by Chinese people. In many places, chopsticks can be used as wedding gifts, which means pairing.

As a traditional tableware, chopsticks are rich in cultural connotation and often become the source of inspiration for cultural and creative products. Guochao chopsticks, ancient style chopsticks, cartoon chopsticks, with a rich sense of design packaging box, chopsticks become a practical and aesthetic gift.

After a long time, today we use chopsticks in many ways. In terms of materials, besides the common bamboo chopsticks, there are wooden chopsticks, silver chopsticks, porcelain chopsticks, stainless steel chopsticks and plastic chopsticks. In terms of shape, there are simple and elegant wooden chopsticks, as well as colored lacquer, carved chopsticks and chopsticks made of various materials.

In order to meet the needs of people's healthy life, disposable chopsticks came into being. Chopsticks with different colors are suitable for family members to use separately. A kind of portable lunch box with chopsticks and spoon is not only environmentally friendly but also hygienic, which is loved by young people. In order to promote the serving of individual dishes, chopsticks, which are "chopsticks", are being accepted by more and more restaurants.

Small chopsticks are related to the civilization and health of the society. More chopsticks, more peace of mind.

why do chinese eat with chopsticks

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