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Do you know many five-star hotels in Beijing?

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Note: How many five-star hotels have you been to in Beijing? Do you know many five-star hotels in Beijing?The answer is Many many. Staying in a five-star hotel in Beijing is a pleasure. However, the price i

How many five-star hotels have you been to in Beijing? Do you know many five-star hotels in Beijing?

The answer is Many many. Staying in a five-star hotel in Beijing is a pleasure. However, the price is also very expensive. I've never stayed in a five-star hotel in Beijing.

Following are details: 

five star hotels in beijing

1 China Hotel

2 Beijing State Guest Hotel

3 Royal Peninsula Hotel

4 Capital Hotel

5 Beijing Hotel

6 Beijing New Century Hotel

7 Beijing International Hotel

8 InterContinental Beijing Financial Street Hotel

9 Shangri La Hotel Beijing

10 West International Trade Hotel

11 Beijing Jingdu Xinyuan Hotel

12 Beijing Millennium Hotel

13 Beijing Huaqiao building

14 Crowne Plaza International

15 Beijing Tianlun Dynasty Hotel

16 Beijing Great Wall Hotel

17 Hilton Beijing

18 Sheraton Jinyu Hotel Beijing

19 Kerry Hotel Beijing

20 Ruiji Hotel Beijing

21 Changfu Palace Hotel Beijing

22 Kempinski Hotel Beijing

23 Kunlun Hotel Beijing

24 Zhaolong Hotel Beijing

25 Xiyuan Hotel Beijing

26 riheim rural Resort Beijing

27 century Jinyuan Hotel Beijing

28 Chang'an Hotel Beijing

29 Longcheng Palace International Hotel Beijing

30 VIP Hotel Beijing

31 Grand Hyatt Beijing

32 century Jinyuan Xiangshan Business Hotel Beijing

33 Crowne Plaza Beijing

34 Kuntai Jiahua Hotel Beijing

35 Beijing Friendship Hotel VIP Building, Beijing

36 Beijing Jiuhua International Convention and Exhibition Center Hotel Beijing

37 Ritz Carlton Beijing Financial Street, Beijing

38 Beijing Financial Street Westin Hotel Beijing

39 China Women's activity center Haoyuan Jianguo Hotel, Beijing

40 Regent Hotel Beijing

41 Beijing Celebrity International Hotel Beijing

42 Sofitel Wanda Hotel Beijing

43 Marco Polo Hotel Beijing

44 Beijing Zhonghang boyue Hotel, Beijing

45 Hanhua International Hotel Beijing

46 Beijing Marriott Hotel Beijing

47 Crowne Plaza New Yunnan, Beijing

48 Beijing Boya International Hotel Beijing

49 Marriott Beijing

50 Lijun Hotel Beijing

51 Lijing Bay International Hotel Beijing

52 Beijing Jinmao Westin Hotel Beijing

53 Crowne Plaza Zhongguancun Beijing

54 InterContinental Beijing Beichen Hotel Beijing

55 International Trade Hotel Beijing

56 people's Room Hotel Beijing

57 Fengda International Hotel Beijing

58 Renaissance Beijing Hotel Beijing

59 Pengrun International Hotel Beijing

60 ruilinwan Hot Spring Resort Hotel Beijing

five star hotels in beijing

Design standard of five star hotel in China:

1. The hotel has reasonable function division, convenient and safe facilities.

2. The interior and exterior decoration of the hotel is of high grade, and luxury materials are selected for construction and decoration.

3. The graphic symbols of public information in the hotel conform to lb / at001 standard.

4. There is a central air conditioning system.

5. There is a background sound system.

6. There is a computer management system suitable for five-star hotels.

Requirement for reception hall:

1. The reception hall is spacious, luxurious and full of light.

2. There is a general service desk suitable for the hotel scale and five-star. The general service desk has Chinese and English signs, reception, inquiry, check-out and 24-hour staff on duty.

3. It provides message service, one-time general bill settlement service, credit card service and 24-hour foreign currency exchange service.

4. The general service desk provides hotel service items publicity materials, hotel price list, city traffic map in Chinese and English text, national tourism traffic map, introduction of local and national tourist attractions, various transportation schedules, newspapers and magazines, etc.

5. It can directly accept domestic and international room reservation within 8 hours. There are safe boxes opened by the hotel and guests at the same time. There are doorman, full-time bellman, duty manager and lobby manager.

6. In the non operating areas, there are rest places for guests, in store search service and taxi service. There are ramps for the disabled in the lobby and main public areas, and wheelchairs are equipped.

7. At least two foreign languages can be used to provide services (English is the essential language), the switchboard can provide services in at least three foreign languages (English is the essential language), and all kinds of instructions and services are expressed in at least both Chinese and English.

Standards For Guest Room

1. There are at least 40 rooms (sets) available for rent. The area of 70% rooms (excluding toilet and corridor) is no less than 20 square meters. There are at least 5 deluxe suites with disabled rooms.

2. The rooms are decorated with luxurious upholstered bed, desk, wardrobe and hanger, tea table, seat, bedside table, bedside lamp, desk lamp, floor lamp, full-length mirror, luggage rack, etc.

3. The toilet is decorated with luxury building materials, including floor, wall and ceiling, good ventilation facilities, 110 / 220 V power socket, telephone auxiliary machine, hair dryer and weight scale. Equipped with advanced toilet. Dressing table, bathtub with shower head, shower curtain, drying line, 24-hour supply of hot and cold water.

4. There are direct dial domestic and international telephone, color TV, audio equipment and closed circuit television system. There are no less than 16 broadcasting channels, at least two channels for self-organized programs, and more than two foreign language satellite TV channels, which bring convenience to foreign tourists.

5. There are stationery matching with five-star, providing night bed service, 24-hour hot and cold drinking water and ice, free tea or coffee, mini bar in the guest room, 24-hour Chinese and western breakfast, dinner delivery service.

6. Wake up service, message service, wet and dry cleaning of clothes, ironing and repairing services, and shoe shining service are provided.

7. The guest rooms and toilets are arranged comprehensively every day, the bed sheets and pillowcases are changed every day, and the room supplies and consumables are replenished every day.


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