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Quality is improving the good impression of Chinese suppliers

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Note: Chinese suppliers are a huge team. When it comes to Made in China, some people say that Chinese goods are cheap, some say that the quality of Chinese products varies, and some say that Chinese supplie

Chinese suppliers are a huge team. When it comes to Made in China, some people say that Chinese goods are cheap, some say that the quality of Chinese products varies, and some say that Chinese suppliers can supply everything you need. gmtlight is one of the millions of Chinese suppliers.

The number of suppliers in China ranks first in the world.

China's iron and steel, non-ferrous metals, electric power, coal, petroleum processing, chemical industry, machinery, building materials, textile, food, medicine and other basic industries have matured. Emerging industrial sectors such as aerospace industry, automotive industry, electronic industry are also growing to meet the needs of different levels of global users.

The profits of Chinese suppliers are low.

Chinese suppliers are also emerging in endlessly. There are countless suppliers in the same field and the same product. They actively participate in the market competition, which also reduces the price of Chinese goods to freezing point. Some suppliers are simply vicious competition, so the profits of Chinese suppliers are very low and out of proportion to their efforts. For example, gmtlight's profit margin is only 3%.

The price competitiveness of goods provided by Chinese suppliers is strong

China's home appliances, leather, furniture, bicycles, hardware products, batteries, down and other industries in the world have comparative advantages and certain international competitiveness. Electronic products and light industrial products have been exported to more than 200 countries and regions, accounting for a large proportion of the world trade volume, and have made great contributions to the people of the world to enjoy high-quality and low-cost daily consumer goods.

China's energy productivity is strengthening

China's installed capacity of power generation has increased from 1.85 million kilowatts in 1949 to more than 960 million kilowatts in 2010. China's installed power generation capacity and power generation capacity have steadily ranked second in the world for more than ten years. The annual output of crude oil increased from 120000 tons in 1949 to 200 million tons in 2010. China has become the fifth largest oil and gas producer in the world. The output of raw coal increased from 32 million tons in 1949 to 3.24 billion tons in 2010, the supply changed from shortage to basic balance of total amount, and the production mode changed from manual operation and semi mechanization to mechanization and modernization. Now China is actively reducing emissions and controlling the use and production of coal and oil.

China has made remarkable progress in renewable energy and nuclear energy. The installed capacity of wind power has doubled continuously, which has leapt to the forefront of the world; the development of hydropower and nuclear power has been accelerated significantly, and China has become the largest country in hydropower installed capacity and the country with the largest number of nuclear power units under construction. China is also the country with the largest use of electric vehicles.

Chinese supplier team in high tech industry field growing up.

In recent years, high-tech industries, such as electronic information, bioengineering, aerospace, pharmaceutical manufacturing, new energy and new materials, have developed rapidly from scratch, and become an important factor to drive China's industry to achieve leapfrog development. Among the key electronic communication products, the output of mobile phones, computers, color TV sets, digital cameras, and laser video disc players accounted for 49.9%, 60.9%, 48.3%, 80% and 85% of the world's total respectively in 2009, and the trade volume of electronic communication products accounted for more than 15% of the world. The high-tech manufacturing industry has laid a solid foundation for China to become a powerful country with high-tech industries in the future.

Chinese suppliers in the field of equipment manufacturing

Equipment manufacturing industry is called the basic industry of industry, which plays an important supporting role in promoting industrial development. In 2010, the added value of China's equipment manufacturing industry accounted for about 30% of the industrial added value above the scale, and the total scale of the equipment manufacturing industry ranked first in the world. The self-developed large-scale steam turbine and ultra-high-pressure steam turbine have been independently manufactured, and the self-made large-scale steam turbine and ultra-high-pressure power transmission equipment have reached 85% of the total capacity of large-scale coal-fired power generation units. The technical level of equipment products in some fields has leapt to the forefront of the world.

China has become the second country after the United States to be able to develop 10 billion supercomputers.

The world users have different opinions on Chinese suppliers, but the cheap Chinese goods and the continuous improvement of quality attract consumers. In a variety of supermarkets, products provided by Chinese suppliers are everywhere. With the continuous improvement of Chinese manufacturing standards, the improvement of Chinese product quality is improving the image of Chinese suppliers.

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